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Posted 10/3/2012

If you want to take over a BMW lease the best option in most cases is assuming a lease from another individual through the leasing company officially. In most cases BMW leases are done through BMW Financial Services who not only permit full lease assumptions, but have also one of the best lease transfer processes in the industry. If the BMW lease happens to be held by another lessor or leasing company it is still likely that you can take over the lease utilizing a lease transfer. Regardless of the leasing company can help.

If you have ever wondered how to take over a BMW lease you will be happy to learn that lease transfers have many advantages for the person entering the lease as well as the one wanting to exit the lease. Those who takeover or assume leases, also known as lease buyers, find that shorter commitments and small or no upfront cost to be beneficial features of a lease transfer. The original lessee getting out of their lease, also called the lease seller, will find that a lease transfer is far more cost effective than other methods of exiting a lease such as making the remaining payments early and returning the vehicle to the leasing company or selling the vehicle to a dealer. Whether you are seeking a BMW lease to take over or wanting to exit your lease it is clear that both sides win when doing a lease transfer.

  • If you wish to takeover a lease begin searching for your next lease at using the site’s customizable search process.
  • If you wish to get out of a lease the initial step is to build a listing on in order to find someone who wants to take it over.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about lease assumptions please contact through email or by telephone for assistance.

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