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Growing Interest In Short-Term Lease Takeovers
posted on 6/25/2023

End Your Car Lease Early: Sell, Swap or Buy
posted on 3/31/2023

Car Lease Takeover: What You Need to Know
posted on 3/20/2022

Leasing a car better for senior citizens?
posted on 1/10/2022

Lease Payments Moving Higher as More People Look to Exit Leases
posted on 12/5/2021

'I sold my lease and am getting a check back for about $3,000.' How to tap all the equity in your leased car
posted on 12/3/2021 Q3 Lease Trends Report Shows Increase in Lease Payments and People Looking to Escape Leases Earlier
posted on 11/30/2021

Tap Into the Unexpected Equity in Your Leased Car
posted on 11/4/2021

September lease-transfer approvals stay steady year-over-year
posted on 11/1/2021 Identifies Trend Where Dealers are Buying Out More Existing Leased Vehicles to Alleviate Inventory Shortages
posted on 10/21/2021

Can You Negotiate a Car Lease Buyout Price?
posted on 10/8/2021

Car Lease Credit App Approvals See an Increase
posted on 10/5/2021

Latest Lease Credit Approval Report Showing an Increase for August
posted on 9/27/2021

NFL & Cars Survey
posted on 9/23/2021

What Credit Score is Needed to Qualify for a New Car Lease?
posted on 8/14/2021 Q2 lease trends report shows more drivers opting for longer lease terms; Tesla searches up significantly
posted on 8/12/2021

Vehicle shortage coming to an end?
posted on 8/3/2021

Leasing trends: TrueCar spots 5 best deals for July; June approval rate at
posted on 7/22/2021 Releases Latest Figures on Lease Credit Approvals Showing a Slight Decrease for May
posted on 6/9/2021

How to End Your Car Lease Early: Explained
posted on 6/8/2021

New car shortage driving up used car prices
posted on 6/2/2021

Lease-transfer approvals improve as monthly payments remain stable
posted on 4/20/2021

April Auto Lease Payments Down Significantly For Many Luxury Car Brands
posted on 4/19/2021 rolls out Used Lease Swap program
posted on 4/12/2021

Wantalease: Payments Hold Steady
posted on 3/24/2021

Swapalease Releases Latest Figures on Lease Credit Approvals
posted on 3/15/2021

What to Do Before You Lease a Car
posted on 3/5/2021

Swapalease Reports Surge in Tesla Searches
posted on 2/18/2021

January Auto Lease Payments Up on Several SUV Brands While Others Slash Prices
posted on 2/11/2021

February 2021: State of Business: Automotive Industry
posted on 2/5/2021

Lease Credit Approval Rates Rise to 72.7% in December
posted on 1/12/2021

Swapalease ‘optimistic’ about 2021 after strong December reading
posted on 1/12/2021

Swapalease looks to collaborate with dealers, OEMs & contract holders through new program
posted on 12/3/2020

Susan Tompor: Out-of-the-box strategy could unlock money on your expiring lease
posted on 11/19/2020

Best Short Term Car Lease Deals | Guide
posted on 11/7/2020

Higher used car values mean your car lease could unlock hidden cash
posted on 10/22/2020

Lease Credit Approval Rates Rise Slightly to 67.6% in September
posted on 10/12/2020

Latest leasing trends from Experian & Swapalease
posted on 9/8/2020 Releases 2020 Vehicle Lease Trends Report Showing Impact Lease Policies Have on Sales, Loyalty, Retention
posted on 9/1/2020

Lease credit approval rates dip slightly to 65.1% in July
posted on 8/19/2020

How to swap your vehicle lease
posted on 8/19/2020

Big-city dwellers ask: Should I rent or buy a car?
posted on 8/12/2020

4 Ways to End Your Car Lease Early
posted on 8/12/2020

8 ways to save money on the cost of your next car (Hint: It pays to be nice)
posted on 7/17/2020

Experian, Swapalease on COVID-19 influencing vehicle-leasing demand
posted on 7/13/2020

10 questions to ask if youre having trouble making your car payment
posted on 7/9/2020 sees increase in people escaping vehicle lease contracts
posted on 6/10/2020

5 Reasons Its Smart to Lease a Car Right Now
posted on 6/10/2020

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Car lease trends and tips
posted on 6/8/2020

Consumers Rethinking Things Due To Pandemic
posted on 5/26/2020