No Script Leasing a Car 101 - Swapalease Auto Leasing Guide

Leasing a Car 101

Leasing a car can be a great way to get the car of your dreams but sometimes you may find the need to get out of your lease early, which can be expensive. To meet this need, the world's first and largest online automotive lease transfer marketplace helps sellers looking to get out of a lease find buyers looking to take over a short term car lease.

Lease 101 is's introduction to automotive leasing and the lease transfer process. Learn the ins and out of lease transfers and how to avoid the pitfalls of exiting your lease. With and Lease 101 you can earn your degree in lease transfers and become an expert lease swapper!

Auto Leasing Guide

Before leasing a car, it’s important to understand the difference between a good and bad lease deal. This involves doing research and finding a deal that works for you. Learning lease jargon, the difference between leasing and buying, and understanding the best times to lease a car are important things to consider.

Understanding Car Leases - Which Options should help you choose?

There are many aspects of leasing and terms that go along with it. Choosing and finding the best option is hard, however, understanding terms like residual value, depreciation, and amortization will help you to better evaluate and decide which lease is right for you. When going to the dealership, you may be intimidated by the number of vehicles and a pushy salesman, but if you do your research and know the right questions to ask, you should feel confident in your decision.


With over $3 billion of vehicles listed, is the LARGEST automotive lease marketplace. Millions of buyers and sellers visit Swapalease each year to acquire, sell, and trade leased automobiles. The Swapalease marketplace is comprised of new and used leases, as well as existing leases that are available for assumption by another buyer. In addition to offering existing leased vehicles, Swapalease also offers a variety of ancillary services including credit reports, vehicle inspections, lease calculators, educational products, and logistics services to assist the customer in the acquisition or sale of their vehicle. To date, Swapalease has transferred over $750 million of leased vehicles