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Lisa F was the professional that worked with us in transferring the Mercedes Benz. It was effortless and Lisa made everything smooth, efficient, and pleasant. I actually filled out the wrong ad and she contacted me to advise me that the ad should be placed in a different category which I immediately did the responses were immediate and I was able to transfer my lease and be rid of an obligation that I no longer needed. Lisa is five stars all the way.

Tim was the best. He advised me what program to take and in one day I had a person to take over the lease. I highly recommend this company and Tim J.

Excellent service. Car was transferred within a month. Noli was great help. He was always available to answer questions and made the process simple.

"I have to compliment your service. I got out of a lease last year with your website and took over someone’s lease in the past week. Both transactions went very well. Everyone was very happy."
- D.G.

I worked directly with Carissa and I really appreciate that they had someone dedicated to my account. Not super cheap but worth the investment when you're in a bind. I sold my lease (BMW 328i) on Swapalease in a couple months and Carissa was kind enough to give me a number of connect credits as I worked to find a replacement car.

Just handed over my car to next lease owner yesterday. It is an awesome place to transfer a lease or take over a lease. The website contains a lot of information and resources. It also protects my information that only a member (a real potential buyer) can see my contact information and contact me. Yes, I paid for their service. I believe, it is reasonably priced compared to the penalty that the original leasing company will charge me to terminate the contract early. I understand a lot of people would not agree with me. But I actually found my buyer first day after my listing. The rest of the time is actually for all the transfer paperwork. And trust me, I have tried all the free website before I came to the point I am willing to pay for it. Thumbs up!

"I love this site--what a perfect idea. I intend to use this site to attain my next vehicle. This is, in my opinion, the smartest, lowest cost way to attain an automobile."
-D. Nemer

The service and help were outstanding. I was guided through the process from start to finish and the social media folks were very helpful.

I had a total success story with Swapalease.com. From the first few minutes of my call with Lisa F, she was my account manager, I know I was in solid, expert hands. My car was put up on the website and I found a buyer within 72 hours! The paperwork from my car dealership took 3 weeks to complete, but everything with Swapalease was swift and easy.

"You guys are doing an amazing job I've seen many automobile services online, but yours is definitely second to none. Keep up the good work!!"
-J. S.

I usually don't write reviews, but because of the devices and support I got, I believe these guys deserve recognition. Ms. Lisa F. was so helpful from the start. When I singed in, she was following up with me on step by step from the initial listing to advising on contacts I got, all the way until my lease was transferred successfully and I got a letter of no liability. I strongly recommend, worth the investment.

Jessica R. was invaluable as far a helping me get out of my lease. She walked me through the process and was available every step of the way. Thanks, Jessica.

Kaz and the team at Swap-a-lease really helped me! When my husband died, I was left with the balance of the lease on his car — a car I wouldn't be using. I called the finance company, and they were kind enough to suggest Swap-a-lease. Kaz helped me get the listing set up and keep it refreshed. The lease is now successfully transferred, and I'm no longer making payments or insuring a car I didn't need. Swap-a-lease made it really easy.

"I am a car salesman and I think that you guys have a great idea here. I have never seen a site like this and I have never heard of anything like this and have been in the car business for 9 years!"
-J. Fanning

Great way to sell your lease easy -professional- helpful and fast. Nick W was my agant and he is awesome! I sold within three weeks with his help and expertise. Easy to use . I suggest paying upfront and load all the pics. Don’t offer incentives at first. Gain interest then offer about two weeks in. Offer at least one month payment and to pay transfer fees. This is what I did and sold the lease within 12 hours of adding incentives. Nick always answered my emails within one hour and gave great advice and direction. He was patient and very help. Thanks Nick we did it!!!

Swapalease helped me out of my lease quick!! I found a buyer within one week. I worked with Jeff E., he was very responsive and helpful. I'm so grateful because I live where I can no longer have a car and was making unnecessary payments. I waited longer than I should have to sell the car because I didn't think I'd find a buyer, but I also didn't try. Swapalease made it so much easier. I purchased one of the higher plans to get the car more exposure on the website and it worked! I did not have to make a payment this month :) I will likely use this website in the future when I want to get back into a car. The process was simple and went pretty quickly. The whole process took about 4 weeks to complete by the time paperwork and all was done. Happy with the outcome and the service. I recommend using Swapalease for transferring leasing!!

Excellent customer service and prompt responses from Emmanuel R. He knows his stuff and gave good suggestions on how to save money and make the deal work. No hard sell, just good advice and a nice guy!

First time using Swapalease. Account Manager Megan R. has been great. She responds to my phone calls and has patiently answered all of my questions. The process is not complete but so far I'm very pleased with the customer service I have received!

"The whole idea sounds too good to be true!"
-D. Sparks

"This site really is great to help people get out from under a lease they cannot afford. Also, let's them have a chance to maybe purchase the car of there dreams too. Way to go!!!!"
-R. Clee

I just wanted to communicate how much I appreciate my experience with Swapalease. Even though I decided to keep my car and have it transported from CA to PA, I received an incredibly robust response from prospective leasers. Thanks much!!!!

Tim J. was an excellent account rep in helping to transfer my lease. Process was open, honest, easy. Just make sure you have good pictures and a good value and your car will sell. I was able to transfer my vehicle to the first person that contacted me.

"Terrific business idea - I'm a registered user and visit the site daily!"
-L. Gardner-L. Gardner

I want to take this opportunity to especially thank Megan R, Account Manager for the awesome support provided taking me through the lease takeover process. Very responsive A+++

"The swapalease.com program worked flawlessly, it was one of the best investments I have ever made. After I found a buyer, I literally had a waiting list of others that wanted my lease. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who wants to get of their lease early!"
-Phil H. (BMW 5-series)


I would like to thank Kaz and the team at Swapalease for all of the help in getting my car transferred as quickly and painlessly as possible. They really know what they are doing and I would fully recommend this company to anyone interested in auto lease transfer.

Been working with Nick W. for almost 5 years now, and I've had success in swapping every car that I've posted on Swapalease. Nick is fast, always takes care of me, and easy to work with!

Amy T. was amazing to work with. I got my car lease transferred in no time at all! Check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Had a great experience working with Jeff E. He was overly helpful and full of good advice. Could not have been happier with the results: Got a call on the third day of my listing, within 48 hours the buyer agreed to take over my lease. Got the paperwork rolling and it was over in two months.