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Been working with Nick W. for almost 5 years now, and I've had success in swapping every car that I've posted on Swapalease. Nick is fast, always takes care of me, and easy to work with!


I usually don't write reviews, but because of the devices and support I got, I believe these guys deserve recognition. Ms. Lisa F. was so helpful from the start. When I singed in, she was following up with me on step by step from the initial listing to advising on contacts I got, all the way until my lease was transferred successfully and I got a letter of no liability. I strongly recommend, worth the investment.

I just got off the phone with Dwight H. at Swapalease and I must say he was amazing. He is funny, very informative, and has experience. It was a pleasure talking with him and he wasn't pushy or anything. Very nice and courteous. I would definitely reccomend calling him if you are interested in taking on someone else's lease or even just to get clarity on the process.

Found a buyer in 27 days! Swapalease really works! I was able to find a buyer in a very short time. This is my second time using Swapalease. Marc B. was very accommodating both the first and second time and helped me walk through the process from start to finish. I highly recommend using this service as a means to get out of one vehicle and into another!

I was skeptical about the program after reading some negative reviews. But my car sold, not as quick as one would like, but quick enough that is was the best service I could imagine is out there. The marketing was wonderful with the help of Jeff E. He was honest and forthcoming, picking up the phone the first time every time or returning my calls right away. He gave me the confidence needed in the program. Depending on your miles and vehicle, not to mention incentives that can speed up the process, my vehicle sold when I expected after I truthfully calculated the worth as a buyer. This is not meant to be an overnight fix, unless you are giving your car away. Hang in there, your car will sell!

The system works. It really does as an efficient way to off-load your lease. I have only good things to say about the company and specially of the agent, Jessica R., who was with me from day one until the sale of the car explaining me the whole process in a clear way. Thank you.

"The whole idea sounds too good to be true!"
-D. Sparks

First time using Swapalease. Account Manager Megan R. has been great. She responds to my phone calls and has patiently answered all of my questions. The process is not complete but so far I'm very pleased with the customer service I have received!

Megan R., my account manager with Swapalease walked me through every step of the process and patiently answered all of my questions. I highly recommend her.

Just transferred my Mercedes lease and handed off the keys yesterday! Swapalease an Carissa H (my rep) were awesome. Super helpful, easy and QUICK to help me sell the car. The sale took a week! Mercedes financial took 3 LOL! A few times I had a question or needed to change the ad or figure something out ... I emailed Carissa and usually within a few hours or first thing in the morning, CArissa replied and would help me take care of it. So easy! Highly recommend them!

I want to take this opportunity to especially thank Megan R, Account Manager for the awesome support provided taking me through the lease takeover process. Very responsive A+++

"I love this site--what a perfect idea. I intend to use this site to attain my next vehicle. This is, in my opinion, the smartest, lowest cost way to attain an automobile."
-D. Nemer

Whether or not you get your car from Swapalease you'll always be happy to hear a kind, understanding, knowledgeable voice over the phone who makes sure you're getting the best service. I loved their service and this is what changed my mind to only work with them. Totally recommend these guys. My agent is Eileene E. and she is just awesome!

"This site really is great to help people get out from under a lease they cannot afford. Also, let's them have a chance to maybe purchase the car of there dreams too. Way to go!!!!"
-R. Clee

Going through a lease transfer was a new experience for me. Our transfer was the result of a retired company executive and I was skeptical that we would be able to find an interested party. Nick W at Swapalease was great to work with and they provided us with a tremendous response to our listing. There are a few steps along the way but that was mostly related to getting approval from the lease company. However, in the end we were successful in transferring this lease and both us and the new lessee were satisfied with the result. Thanks again, Nick and Swapalease!

I needed to get out of my lease because of another vehicle purchase. My car was $7,000 underwater as the lease was less than a year old. Within just a few days of signing up I already had multiple, credible folks in the queue to takeover my lease and very quickly found a new home for the car. The price for the Swapalease service was more than worth it. I paid maybe $500 in total. Cody was my point of contact at Swapalease and he provided everything I asked for. 5 stars all the way

Dwight H. was a pleasure to work with!

I had a great experience with Swapalease. I was able to swap the lease of my BMW in less than 30 days after registering - Very fast! I had a chance to work with Nick W. who took the time to explain the process to me since I was new to the concept. He also kept in contact with me throughout the process and gave me great advice on the things to do to quickly get out of my lease. Great experience with Swapalease and awesome experience with Nick.

Swapalease is amazing. I was hesitant to use them at first but so glad I did. Lisa F. was my account manager and she was a total rockstar. Responded to any question I had immediately and was so patient with me. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.

Love Swapalease! I have sold four cars in a row thanks to Mike C.! He is super easy to deal with and always helps me make the right choices to make sure the car sells fast! Look up Mike when you call or just ask for him!!

"Clear, concise, just the right amount of detail. Super job. You got me."
-J. Fellone

I put my BMW with Swapalease, within days I had 10 people interested. 6 weeks later the car is gone. Tim J. was a gentleman and help through the entire process.

Glad I found Swapalease. Swapalease was fantastic to work with. They always got back to me and addressed all my questions. Couldn't be happier. Found my suiter in 10 days! I would use Swapalease again.

I took over a lease with little or no hassles. Troy at Swapalease was very helpful and so was Crystal in the service department.

Carissa H. did a fantastic job for me! She uploaded my photos and even wrote a nice description. I chose the cheapest plan knowing that it may take a little bit longer to complete the transaction (total of 90 days from posting the ad to the assuming party to take delivery of the vehicle). I highly recommend asking for Carissa to aid you in your swap!

"Wonderful site! What a great solution! Thank you!"
-D. Bertelone

Swapalease is the way to go in exiting your lease, or taking over a lease. I always dealt with Mike C, and he is great. Mike is knowledge, courteous, and respectful. Thanks for doing an awesome job, and I’ll be definitely using Swapalease in the future. Thanks Mike!!!

Tim J. was an excellent account rep in helping to transfer my lease. Process was open, honest, easy. Just make sure you have good pictures and a good value and your car will sell. I was able to transfer my vehicle to the first person that contacted me.

I used Swapalease and had a great experience. I worked with Fred J. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. I started my posting in the beginning of October and the whole process finished by the end of November. I would recommend this company to everyone who is trying to get out of a lease. Thank you Swapalease!!!