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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Swapalease

What exactly is Who can use Swapalease? How does the Swapalease process work? Do I have to "swap" leases with someone? Can I be both a "Lease Seller" and a "Lease Buyer" with Swapalease? How does Swapalease protect customer information? Should I feel secure about giving Swapalease my credit card information? How often is the website updated? Can I use Swapalease as a Canadian resident? Why do I need Swapalease to help transfer my lease?

Questions about Leasing and Lease Transfers

I'm new to leasing -- Where can I find out more about leasing in general? Is it possible to terminate a lease prior to the full term of the contract? How do lease transfers work? How can I find information on my leasing company? Are there any additional or “hidden” fees involved in lease transfers? Are “Buyers” and “Sellers” free to negotiate any of their own terms concerning lease transfers? How is the lease transfer initiated? How long does the lease transfer process generally take? When is the lease transfer final? What happens to the security deposit when a lease is transferred? Who is responsible for potential lease-end charges? Is it possible to transfer a lease to another part of the country or outside the United States? How can I be sure the mileage on the vehicle is current? Can I get the vehicle inspected by a third party? How are long-distance lease transfers normally handled? Where is the vehicle turned-in at lease end? Do service and protection packages (examples: extended service contracts, maintenance agreements, wheel & tire insurance) transfer over to the new lessee once the lease transfer is completed?

Questions from "Lease Sellers"

What is the "SwapGarage"? How effective is Swapalease? (How successful are Sellers at finding someone to assume their lease?) How do “Lease Sellers” save money using Swapalease? How do I list my vehicle with Swapalease? Can I add my own picture to my vehicle listing? How do I find my listing? How do I change information on my vehicle listing or account? Can I offer incentives to make my listing more attractive? How do I offer an incentive? How do I deactivate/remove my vehicle listing from the web site? How do I initiate the lease transfer? What is the "SwapGarage"? How will Buyers contact me? Am I still held liable once the lease has been transferred? What if my leasing company does not permit lease transfers?

Questions from "Lease Buyers"

How do “Lease Buyers” save money using Swapalease? How do I search for a vehicle at Swapalease? How do I contact the “Lease Seller”? What is “Ask Seller a Question”? Can I contact a Seller without registering? What is the "SwapGarage"? What are the fees for Buyers? I am concerned about my credit, can I still take over a lease? Do I have any control over which leasing company is utilized? What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Questions to Swapalease Support

What if I need to contact someone at Swapalease? What do I do if I forget my "User ID" and/or "Password" information?