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How It Works for Buyers


The first step is to search through the vehicles available on via the Vehicle Search. You can search by Year, Make, Model, Payment, Location, and/or Months Remaining. Click here to use the Vehicle Search

The search process highlights the important terms of each lease, such as monthly payment, miles allowed, and months remaining.  You can click on each vehicle listing for more detailed information.

You can ask questions about the vehicle by anonymously emailing the seller via the "More Info" option.  More specific questions can be asked upon registering as a buyer (see below).

If you do not find a vehicle that meets your needs, use the "Notify Me" feature and we will notify you by email when a vehicle matching your preferences becomes available.


Once you find a vehicle of interest, the next step is to register as a Buyer with Swapalease. You can register directly from the vehicle listing page, or from the homepage.

Click here to Register as a Buyer with Swapalease

After registering, you will gain access to the contact information for sellers on the site.

The cost for Buyer Registration are minimal, and includes access to seller contact information, unlimited customer support from, a buyer "mailbox," and all internal processing through the transfer process.


Once you find a vehicle of interest and you have contacted the Seller, the next step is to initiate the transfer. The transfer initiation process includes a credit check, which will determine whether you are eligible to assume the lease.

If you want to learn more about your credit history, click here

During this time, you and the Seller should also discuss the transfer details. It is important to consider the details, such as whether shipping and/or vehicle inspections will be required and if any buyer incentives will be necessary.

To find out more about Shipping, Inspections and other Services, click here

Seller contact information is stored in your Buyer "mailbox".


Once your credit has been approved and you have agreed to make a transfer, Swapalease will guide you through the process with the Seller and the leasing company. Swapalease guides you through the entire lease transfer process. You simply provide the necessary information, sign the documents, and take possession of the vehicle.

Upon signing off on the paperwork and taking possession of the keys to your new vehicle, the process is complete!

Any Questions?

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