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I worked with Christina D. from Swapalease. She was stellar. She guided me through the whole process and broke it down into simple understandable parts to transfer my lease. Christina answered all my questions. She told me when to give a discount, when not to, she even wrote the advertisement for me. Literally, and I'm not kidding, I must have gotten 60-70 inquiries about the car. The whole process took about 6 weeks and 2 of those weeks were due to the leasee being on vacation. Simply put use Christina if you want to get your car lease transferred.

Easiest transaction I have ever done! WOW!! It was a amazing!

Swapalease works great. I will be looking for my own car soon. B. Lyon

"Call in one week and I'm making the Swap now! Terrific!"
- C. Mann

Swapalease.com was a success from the start. Within eight hours of my agent posting my ad, I had several inquiries. I was shocked. My agent walked me through the rest of the process and before I knew it I was out of my lease! SG
- S. Germansky

Swapalease fast and easy to use. Found someone to take over my lease in no time! Definitely be using swapalease again in the near future. - WT

Swap-a-lease has been awesome, I have had TONS of interest on my car, I hope this works out.
Tracey Passuello

Do to a death in the family, we were stuck and needed someone to step into the lease. We would've taken a huge hit by buying out the lease and selling the car, so we had no other real options. The process took some time for sure, both finding a buyer (about 4 weeks) and completing the transfer (4 weeks). But in the end, there was really no other way, and I am really relieved to put this behind me. Senior account manager Eric S., followed the process and helped when needed. He was always prompt getting back to me. So yea, I'm happy.

Tim was extremely helpful in getting my car lease swapped in a very short order of time. I am extremely pleased overall with Swapalease and would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone trying to get into or out of a vehicle lease.

I am in the car business and a co-worker did Swapalease on the BMW with ease. I decided to try it with my VW, Jetta and within 2 months my lease was taken over by very nice responsible people. "Swapalease" was there all the way. Amy T. was my go-to person and she was awesome! If you need out and don't want to lose money I highly recommend doing it thru "Swapalease".

Swapalease is a Godsend to get u in or out of a lease. I've been dealing with Swapalease for about 12 years I get all my vehicles through them I refuse to go to a dealer again! I get some pretty incredible deals and savings dealing with Swapalease by not going to the dealer I don't have to put any money up front to take over someone's lease it helps me and it helps them I dealt with Ron B. on the lease that I just got out of and he was fantastic it took me about 4 weeks to find a buyer and it got me out of my lease Swapalease is fantastic I just wish they would do more public advertising so more people would know about them. When you contact Swapalease their salespeople go right to work for you and they don't stop until you're satisfied and your vehicle is gone. Ron B. was great he posted the pictures for me help me with the wording in the advertisement he did me a great service thanks Ron for all your help!

Tonight I handed over my SL550, which would not have happened so quickly were it not for you. Thank you for your time from our first phone call, and for making the whole process easy. I will be sure to recommend you enthusiastically to anyone who asks.

When I wanted out of my lease early I really wasn't sure how to go about it and buying out of it was too expensive. I stumbled on Swapalease and they were great! Nick W. was my rep and he did a terrific job listing my car and uploading pictures. Within 6 weeks I had found someone to take over my lease and completed the entire transfer process (usually about two to four weeks). For anyone looking for a way to get out of there lease early, this is definitely the way to go!

My experience with Swapalease and Nick W. was great! The process was pretty easy and Nick always answered any questions I had either via phone or email. I was able to exit my lease within 60 days!

I wanted to thank you for your help in selling my 530i. After you put up the ad, the person that ultimately took the car notified me in 4 days! The transaction is now complete as of 3 weeks from the ad going up. I am quite pleased with the results!
- DC

Desperate to get out of my lease I googled it and found Swapalease. I called in December and spoke to Representative Carissa H. who was the most helpful individual ever! She explained how the program worked talked me through every step answered every email and phone call right up until the car is pending! In just 4 months. Thank You.

I was totally satisfied in your service, price and followup. J. Bailey

I'm not one to really write a lot of reviews. However, there is no one better out there that I have found to list your car with to lease it fast. I have used Leasetrader and Swapalease for years as I have leased a lot of cars. My last lease I had listed on both and my Mercedes had an overwhelming response on Swapalease and had almost next to nothing on Leasetrader. I have nothing to gain by writing this review except to give my opinion about how fantastic their website is. Also, Cherie was awesome and how she followed up with me to stay in touch with how my response was going. I certainly will continue to use them in the future if I need to lease a car. Do yourself a favor and use them too. Don't waste your money on any other is my opinion. By the way, my car leased in 3 days after it was posted. Unbelievable!

Great service that really works! I thought I was stuck in my lease but was able to transfer it pretty easily using Swapalease. Lisa F. was very knowledgeable and helpful at every step and really wanted to make sure my transfer went smoothly. I was happily surprised at the exposure I got for my car - over 800 people viewed my car on the Swapalease website in 40 days.

I just wanted to say thank you to Nick W. at Swapalease. I have never done this before and he made me feel comfortable and helped me step by step all the way through the process. I recommend him if you ever need to get out of your lease. After I posted it took no time at all to sell my lease. Hands down to Nick. He is the best at what he does.

I took over a BMW lease 2 years ago & loved it. Just now leased my LEXUS to some lucky client. Marc B. is amazing who walked me walk through the listing process and helped marketing it properly. It took me 2 months from listing to transfer the vehicle. I am now looking for a new lease to take over - it so much fun, least to say that I love this site. Thanks, Marc!!

I just wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a lease swap on our BMW. We found our experience with Swapalease a great one and really appreciate your help.Thanks again for the great job you guys did.
Richard Lindenbaum

I never in a million years would have thought I'd get as much activity on my lease as I did. Now it still took a couple months and a few different tire kickers until the right person came along but they definitely helped me get rid of my lease. At least you know you are going through a legit company with serious buyers. I tried to get rid of this myself on social media and all I got were people who couldn't pass a credit check. It was worth the money I had to pay out. To my rep Carissa H. and all the other employees at Swapalease, great job and thank you!

I would like to let you know that the lease was successfully transferred and the process worked really well. Thanks again...I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of a lease! -DB

Noli and Swapalease are the best. I Swapped 3 leases and Noli was very helpful. I highly recommend!!

This is a great service. I have used Swapalease three times and it has worked out nicely. It took about 5 weeks to find a buyer and finish the transfer. Highly recommended. I work with Jeff E. and he does a nice job.

Just wanted to comment that Swapalease.com really works! Helped me to find a secure buyer, and transfer the vehicle safely and smoothly. Thank you so much! Everything was done within 5-6 week!

Kathie was great every step of the way, she did not try and sell me anything just stated the facts and what would work best for my situation. First experience with Swapalease much easier than expected, will surely be utilizing for future needs.

The same day I contacted Lisa F. and she listed our Ford F150 I got 3 responses. I replied to the first one and we started the process immediately. I am happy to say everything came together and the truck was transferred and picked up with 6 weeks. My only regret is that I didn't contact Swapalease sooner. Thanks Palm Springs Ford for referring us to Swapalease. Thanks Lisa F. for posting my photos and managing my site for me. 100 percent satisfied!

I had a great experience with Nick W. to transfer my lease. I found the person who ended up taking over my lease within minutes of listing the vehicle.