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I was unsure about listing my lease on your website, but I had a buyer in one week! Thank you!! A. Burrow
- A. Burrow

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. What an amazingly adept concept perfectly executed. I signed up on a Friday, my post went up that night and by the next day, I had 6-7 contacts. The second person simply said is it still available, when I responded yes, he said I will take it. He was approved by BMW the next business day. Within a week the entire transfer and supporting paperwork was approved and closed. I got to make a new "friend" in D.C. and his wife got a spotless car she will love. The individual who helped me at Swapalease, Amy T., could not have been more helpful. She even posted a standard picture when I could not get home to take a picture. Mothers Day Weekend was all it took. Nice job Amy, nice job Swapalease. I am in a new vehicle thanks to Swapalease.

Great service and it worked! Honestly, I was very skeptical but once I got a phone call from Nick W. (assigned account manager) I realized that my car was in good hands. I called him many times, sent many emails and he always helped me even though some questions were stupid :) The lease transfer was done during several weeks and was smooth. I will use SwapaLease again if needed.

I would like to let you know that the lease was successfully transferred and the process worked really well. Thanks again...I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of a lease! -DB

Definitely recommend Swapalease . First time using and Nick W. was great in helping me set up account and sold lease within 30 days! I actually sold to first inquirer and had many more who wanted vehicle. Highly recommend. I would definitely use again.
- P. Watnick

Thank goodness for Swapalease, I was able to transfer my car lease and avoid paying a steep penalty for ending the lease contract a year early! I am a rookie at this and Ron B. from was very patient, helpful and kind to walk me through the entire process. Ron is also readily available when needed, returning calls promptly, which I thoroughly appreciate when doing business. I will gladly use them again as well as highly recommend them to all who need this type of service.

I really never heard of such a thing like Swapalease. I had to get out of my lease and in 3 weeks, found a buyer and its done already!! When I called, they guided me through the whole transaction, Thank you!!

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

Great company and easy to work with. Jessica R. was ALWAYS available for any questions of help I needed. Highly recommend!

Swapalease fast and easy to use. Found someone to take over my lease in no time! Definitely be using swapalease again in the near future. - WT

Cherie H. was extremely patient, professional and helpful with helping me to list my vehicle and understand best practices. I was able to get out of my lease just in time for the holidays!!

I worked with Jessica R. to transfer my lease and it was both a successful and efficient process. Swapalease is a very efficient and effective mechanism for quickly transacting. I had copious buyers express interest in my vehicle that I would never have had access to on my own.

I'm giving 5 stars to Swapalease thanks to Lisa F. she was amazing in my long process to find a buyer. After some flaky buyers who started but never finished the transaction, I found the right one. Lisa held my hand and helped me to start each process again and again. If you are considering getting out of your lease, call Lisa.

You guys are without a doubt the best. What an enjoyable experience all around. Not only was I able to find someone to assume my lease, but the process took 3 1/2 weeks from the time I listed the car to the time I delivered it to the person who assumed the lease. This time frame was less than half of what I was told by, far exceeding my expectations! What's more is that I had six serious inquiries during this time frame. To sum up my experience with I can only say that I would give the company a 100% "RECOMMENDAITON WITHOUT RESERVATION"!!
- S. Weinberg

I had a lot of hits it took about 50 days before I got my first offer. The guys at Swapalease are extremely helpful. I was pleased we just completed the paperwork for the vehicle. The new owner takes ownership next week. I did all this while on assignment out of the country. G. Cuellar

"Swaplease helped me get out of my lease. Once we identified the buyer, the transaction and paperwork was done in a swift way. I got positive feedback from the buyer as well. Overall I am quite pleased with the service." H. Attri

I was able to get my vehicle successfully taken over using Swapalease, in all honesty, you have to offer incentives if your payment is high due to you being upside down in a prior lease trade. I had a Lexus and my payments were high with 10 months remaining, I was 20K under miles, and offered a hefty incentive to get it taken over. Most vehicles like mine were leasing for about half so I had to be competitive in my ability to match that payment amount for someone looking to take over a vehicle like mine. It took a bit longer because most people don't want a hatchback. My buyer ended up leasing the vehicle for his college-aged daughter because he new Lexus made safe and reliable vehicles. This isn't some type of magic pill, you have to be competitive. Jessica R. was my rep and she was a great help. Overall I spent on the upgraded package and it worked.

I just want you to know what a fantastic job you have done for us on the GL 450. Not only did you write a great ad, your service was excellent and within one day we started getting inquiries. I will highly recommend your services to everyone. I hope your employer realizes how great you are. We signed transfer papers and gave the new owner the key already- it was a really great experience dealing with you and Swapalease!

My experience with Swapalease and Carissa H. was super! It was incredibly easy and not only was Carissa great but so was the person with whom I assumed a lease. The whole experience was pleasant and stressfree!

I would like to share a positive experience with Swapalease. I signed with account manager Tony S. in January. My car was transferred in March. Tony was always professional, offered insightful suggestions and returned all my phone calls in a timely manner. Great service should always be acknowledged!

Thank you! This was so fast and easy I will be telling all my friends and family to use it. Thanks for your help! D. Honor

Best web site I have ever worked with. Everything went very smoothly, no problems. I sold the car the very first day. Mark
- M. Laskowski

First time using and was I was lucky enough to get a great advisor in Tim J. He worked with me closely to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible. Really thankful for his hard work and assistance in this endeavor.

Swapalease is an amazing way to get out of your lease real quick. My listing agent "Nick W." is very responsive, helps me out in every way possible to get me in/out of a car lease. I don't have to think even once while getting into a new lease and having buyer's remorse. Would definitely recommend to all the people stuck with their long leases!!

My experience with Sales Rep WS who started off the process where I received impeccable service, he assisted me with understanding the process, coached me along the way when I had questions, his follow through was phenomenal. Further, the assistance I received during the process with the Swap transfer team was great as well. have mentioned this experience with many family members, colleagues and friends and I hope they contact Swapalease for their future lease needs. Thank you again for a job well done....Keep up the GREAT work!
- M. O

Desperate to get out of my lease I googled it and found Swapalease. I called in December and spoke to Representative Carissa H. who was the most helpful individual ever! She explained how the program worked talked me through every step answered every email and phone call right up until the car is pending! In just 4 months. Thank You.

Don't lease a car for your girlfriend without her seeing it first! But since I did and she didn't like it I was lucky enough to have had a friend recommend Swapalease. From the minute, I got on the phone with Gail everything was simplified she took charge and all I had to do was give her the info and some pics. From the moment it went live the emails came flooding in, then the phone calls. I had a deal in 2 days, that deal fell through not because of Swapalease but because the applicant could not make it happen with the bank. That took almost a week the minute that applicant was disqualified I had a deal because there were so many people lined up wanting the car, Keith was also a big help in dealing with the banks. The whole process took less than two weeks and my lease is gone and a new Lessor is cruising away happy.

The WOW to me was how many " real" potential swappers called either the same day or the next morning. We actually swapped the car the morning after we placed the ad. Thanks again, Steve

Recently used SWAL for the 2nd time. Lisa F. was an ace to work with and no hiccups along the way. Exited a Mustang lease when there were many 'Stangs listed. Highly recommend SWAL and Lisa in particular.

Jeff E. was very helpful in all aspects of my lease transfer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to obtain or transfer a lease car. I am very happy with the service I received! :)