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I'm so glad I discovered Swapalease! The service provided by my account manager, Christina D. was awesome! She helped me through the entire process and was always very responsive to my emails and calls. Contact Christina if you want to get your lease taken over and she will do a fantastic job for you. Jack N.'s social media posts did the trick, they were amazing!

The whole process was so easy, my account rep Noli H. was the best my BMW lease was taken over in about six weeks. Thank you Noli for everything. Sincerely, Steve G.

You guys are without a doubt the best. What an enjoyable experience all around. Not only was I able to find someone to assume my lease, but the process took 3 1/2 weeks from the time I listed the car to the time I delivered it to the person who assumed the lease. This time frame was less than half of what I was told by swapalease.com, far exceeding my expectations! What's more is that I had six serious inquiries during this time frame. To sum up my experience with swapalese.com I can only say that I would give the company a 100% "RECOMMENDAITON WITHOUT RESERVATION"!!
- S. Weinberg

I am a very satisfied client of Lisa F. from Swapalease. I have recently been successful in completing a lease transfer upon my relocation from the USA. I must admit it took me awhile to understand that Swapalease is a mere advertising platform providing a space for buyers and sellers to meet. Lisa did go the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable in the process and was very responsive. Thank you Lisa.

I would like to say my first conversation with Kathie M. about placing my lease to swap was fast, concise, informative and an overall great experience. I will recommend this site to anyone I speak to...thanks Kathie.

I transferred lease with Swapalease in November. I think about how it saved me so much.I was given A new car and had this payment on my leased car. I was told there is NO WAY of getting out of the lease. I found swap a lease and didn't think it would work. It did and within 1 day of posting my ad I had a buyer. I am so grateful for you guys!!!!
- J. Severino

"I love your service. Listing my car here has given my ad more exposure than any local newspaper ever could! Your staff is pleasant and very helpful!"
-M. D.

My experience with Swapalease was very positive. I received more than 200 inquiries and was able to arrange a swap within one week of my original posting. Jessica R., my account representative was very helpful in guiding me through the initial posting and throughout the process was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend this service to any potential user.

Amazing experience. My representative was Tim J. he was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions usually within an hour. He was able to assist me in finally getting rid of my Nissan which was costing me hundreds every month. I was hesitant at first to pay for the ad since I was nervous I wouldn't get a response. However, as soon as he posted my ad I was immediately getting calls and emails from people interested in taking over my car lease. Thanks Tim for all your help.

Teresa R. and Swapalease helped me find someone to take over my lease in one month. The process was easy and surprisingly efficent.

Swapalease is a great site to help with changing leases. Amy T. assisted me through the whole process and was there to help me whenever I needed it. I recommend this process to everyone.

Just completing the transfer of a mini cooper lease. The process has been smooth and the program at swap a lease made it possible. thank you ! J.F.
- J. Fine

I just wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a lease swap on our BMW. We found our experience with Swapalease a great one and really appreciate your help.Thanks again for the great job you guys did.
Richard Lindenbaum

Marc B., my Swapalease consultant, was outstanding and I sold my car in 30 days as he thought I would.

I've worked with Marc B. in Swapalease to list 2 vehicles within a couple of months. The first vehicle was gone in less than a week (BMW X5) and the 2nd vehicle was a breeze to list because Marc set me up with the same discount and took care of the pictures. I just had to pay the fee and reply to his email with my pictures. Great service and quick results. Don't mind paying the fee to transfer a lease with these guys.

Used swapalease 2 times and both with great success. Really useful and needed tool in the marketplace.
- S. Nuell

Swapalease got my car transferred in less than 1 month. My Swapalease adviser Lisa F. helped me along the entire process and made the transferring process so easy! Thanks for all the help!

This turned out GREAT for me! I was very unsure, to begin with, but Eric S, my Account Manager, walked me through the process very patiently and helped me make the appropriate choice for the package I chose. I was very pleasantly surprised to get some hits immediately and I was able to exit my lease within a very short time. Big shout-out to Eric for not only being there initially but being available all through the process. The support team at Swapalease is also top class and very responsive. I would recommend Swapalease and Eric S. @ Swapalease anytime!

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

I was able to get my vehicle successfully taken over using Swapalease, in all honesty, you have to offer incentives if your payment is high due to you being upside down in a prior lease trade. I had a Lexus and my payments were high with 10 months remaining, I was 20K under miles, and offered a hefty incentive to get it taken over. Most vehicles like mine were leasing for about half so I had to be competitive in my ability to match that payment amount for someone looking to take over a vehicle like mine. It took a bit longer because most people don't want a hatchback. My buyer ended up leasing the vehicle for his college-aged daughter because he new Lexus made safe and reliable vehicles. This isn't some type of magic pill, you have to be competitive. Jessica R. was my rep and she was a great help. Overall I spent on the upgraded package and it worked.

First time using Swapalease.com and was I was lucky enough to get a great advisor in Tim J. He worked with me closely to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible. Really thankful for his hard work and assistance in this endeavor.

Swapalease is an excellent company to work with if you need to have someone take over the lease payments on your car. I have used them twice and both times the process was easy and effective. My leases were transferred within 60 days both times. I'm so happy with this company and the professionalism of the people they employ, they really know what they are doing. I also love how available they are for you along with being super knowledgeable about the transfer process. Excellent job and I will use them again without hesitation.

"You all really worked with us to get rid of our vehicle. For the amount of money and help given by your site we will be able to get back on track and rebuild our financial situation. Thanks a lot!!!!"
-F. M.

I ultimately did not move forward with Swapalease because a family member decided to take mine over, but I still wanted to leave a review because I had a great experience working with Tim J. He patiently walked me through all the details of the service and answered all of my (many) questions. He was not a pushy salesperson which I really appreciated. It's rare that you experience such stellar customer service!

"Your service is a very new and much needed service. Throughout my dealings with your service you have been very helpful and courteous. When one of our deals fell through because of the Leasing company, you were right there to help us recover and move on. We now have a deal in place to sell our vehicle thanks to Swapalease. I will recommend your service to everyone that I know. Thank you for all your help!!!"
-R. Godsey

Swapalease and especially my contact Michael C. were fantastic... Very fast and easy way to get out of one car and into another. I will use them again.

Working with Noli H. was a great experience, he was very helpful and always available. Would recommend him to everyone!

This was the first time I used a service such as Swapalease and it was a positive experience. The Swapalease representative, Tony S. was incredibly helpful in explaining all aspects of their services. The website is easy to use and update. Anytime I had additional questions, the representative, Tony S. always promptly returned my emails and/or phone calls. Even better, I sold my car and probably could have sold it many times over. I had so much interest in my listing which my representative gave me useful advice. I would definitely utilize the services in the future!

I never in a million years would have thought I'd get as much activity on my lease as I did. Now it still took a couple months and a few different tire kickers until the right person came along but they definitely helped me get rid of my lease. At least you know you are going through a legit company with serious buyers. I tried to get rid of this myself on social media and all I got were people who couldn't pass a credit check. It was worth the money I had to pay out. To my rep Carissa H. and all the other employees at Swapalease, great job and thank you!

The same day I contacted Lisa F. and she listed our Ford F150 I got 3 responses. I replied to the first one and we started the process immediately. I am happy to say everything came together and the truck was transferred and picked up with 6 weeks. My only regret is that I didn't contact Swapalease sooner. Thanks Palm Springs Ford for referring us to Swapalease. Thanks Lisa F. for posting my photos and managing my site for me. 100 percent satisfied!