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Hey guys, this is my second time transferring over a lease in less than a month on Swapalease. This website is a great way to get out of your lease. Lisa F. was a very knowledgeable lady that told me exactly how to list my car for best exposure. She was very helpful and easy to work with. Thanks for the quick sell.

If you are considering using Swapalease call and talked to Lisa F., she is the best. Lisa helped me to go through the entire process until I was able to find the buyer for my car.

I think Swapalease is the best. I use it all the time to exit my leases. So far 3 times in the last 2 years.

I am blown away with the response I received to my ad and the quick time of sale. I will refer Swapalease to anyone I know looking to get out of their auto. G. Link ________________________________________

This was the best car selling experience ever. Bill G. helped along with Erin A. and they were great. Everything was done in a matter of a couple days and I will definitely come back to Swapalease again! Great job guys!
- O. Rodriguez

I ultimately did not move forward with Swapalease because a family member decided to take mine over, but I still wanted to leave a review because I had a great experience working with Tim J. He patiently walked me through all the details of the service and answered all of my (many) questions. He was not a pushy salesperson which I really appreciated. It's rare that you experience such stellar customer service! was a success from the start. Within eight hours of my agent posting my ad, I had several inquiries. I was shocked. My agent walked me through the rest of the process and before I knew it I was out of my lease! SG
- S. Germansky

"This is a wonderful way to help people such as myself get out of leases at the earliest convenience. Keep up the good work."
-D. S.

I'm giving 5 stars to Swapalease thanks to Lisa F. she was amazing in my long process to find a buyer. After some flaky buyers who started but never finished the transaction, I found the right one. Lisa held my hand and helped me to start each process again and again. If you are considering getting out of your lease, call Lisa.

I was in a situation where I had to get rid of my lease because I was moving to NYC (where I didn't need a car) from LA. This was a new and very unfamiliar process but Lisa F. was extremely helpful in walking me through the process multiple times, answering my questions on a daily basis and overall making my experience with SwapALease better than my skeptical expectation (not knowing anything about this program). Once I posted it took about a month from the beginning to the end where the lease was no longer in my name. The program connects you with a buyer. Then you coordinate everything with the buyer from seeing the car in person, etc if necessary to negotiations of lease transfer (with the help of your financial institution). Overall, if I had to go through the experience again I would definitely work through Lisa as she made it very seamless and relatively quick to get it done. She's also super sweet!

Swapalease is an amazing way to get out of your lease real quick. My listing agent "Nick W." is very responsive, helps me out in every way possible to get me in/out of a car lease. I don't have to think even once while getting into a new lease and having buyer's remorse. Would definitely recommend to all the people stuck with their long leases!!

"I love your service. Listing my car here has given my ad more exposure than any local newspaper ever could! Your staff is pleasant and very helpful!"
-M. D.

Working with Noli H. was a great experience, he was very helpful and always available. Would recommend him to everyone!

Swapalease got my car transferred in less than 1 month. My Swapalease adviser Lisa F. helped me along the entire process and made the transferring process so easy! Thanks for all the help!

Lisa F. was awesome to work with. She has my been client advisor for the last three transfers. I appreciate her quick responses and friendly attitude.

Smooth transaction through Swapalease on my Ram 1500 Truck. Lisa & Jack at Swapalease are very knowledgeable & helpful. Thanks Again!!

My experience with Swapalease was very positive. I received more than 200 inquiries and was able to arrange a swap within one week of my original posting. Jessica R., my account representative was very helpful in guiding me through the initial posting and throughout the process was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend this service to any potential user.

Great service that really works! I thought I was stuck in my lease but was able to transfer it pretty easily using Swapalease. Lisa F. was very knowledgeable and helpful at every step and really wanted to make sure my transfer went smoothly. I was happily surprised at the exposure I got for my car - over 800 people viewed my car on the Swapalease website in 40 days.

I used SAL to find a new owner for my Volvo. It is a great program. It took about 45 days to find a new owner. The SAL people were excellent and I accomplished the transfer easily. Would use SAL again if the circumstances were there.
- S. Rosenwasser

Easiest transaction I have ever done! WOW!! It was a amazing!

I lost my job two months after renewing my car lease. I needed to release 30 years of a perpetual car payment. I did some research and found Swapalease. I spoke to a lovely gal named Jessica R. Jessica was kind and empathetic to my financial situation. She assisted me through the lease transfer process step by step. And also who to speak with at GM Financial (Lease assumption department). My car went onto Swapalease's website August 14 and my lease was officially transferred to the new leasee on September 19th. Basically One month. I'm so happy I contacted Swapalease. I highly recommend this company to anyone who may need assistance with a lease transfer. Thank you, Jessica!

Swap-a-lease has been awesome, I have had TONS of interest on my car, I hope this works out.
Tracey Passuello

Had a great experience with Swaplease. They were very responsive in helping us to market and quickly list our x5, which was sold quickly. This was our first time using Swaplease and they made the process seamless. Would definitely work with Swaplease team again.

Great service! Special shout out to Danielle R. who was very helpful and responsive!

Great team of people to work with, I was able to find a buyer within 2 months of listing my vehicle, within the 3rd month all the transfer papers completed. This program works! Thank you Swapalease!!
- G. Martin

This is the fourth vehicle I have found a new buyer for using Swapalease. It's a service that really works, and Christina is always so easy to work with!!

Thank you! This was so fast and easy I will be telling all my friends and family to use it. Thanks for your help! D. Honor

I would use you guys again. I was able to sell my car in just one day. Tina - Rochester, New York

Definitely recommend Swapalease . First time using and Nick W. was great in helping me set up account and sold lease within 30 days! I actually sold to first inquirer and had many more who wanted vehicle. Highly recommend. I would definitely use again.
- P. Watnick

I highly recommend Amy T. at Swapalease. It just took a week to find a final buyer after my car was posted on the website. Amy did an excellent job of posting my car on the website to handle inquiries from potential buyers. I am very happy with Swapalease. :)