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"Great idea! I have been advertising in the paper, AutoTrader, etc... and didn't get one call. Once I put an incentive on my listing, I was contacted by 3 different potential buyers. My transfer is now in process! Thank you!!!"
-K. Wilmot

My experience with Swapalease was exceptional! Noli H. made sure to always follow-up in a very timely manner and extended great customer support. I was able to find a reliable person to take over my lease in a relatively short amount of time. I highly recommend this service!

I am leaving this review regarding my first-time experience with Swapalease. I was skeptical at first but they did exactly what they said. Carissa H. was very professional and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I am very satisfied and will use them again and highly recommend Carissa.

My experience with Swapalease was wonderful. I'm extremely pleased with their service. From start to finish, they guided me along every step of the way. Carissa H. was very responsive and professional. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.

I've worked with Marc B. in Swapalease to list 2 vehicles within a couple of months. The first vehicle was gone in less than a week (BMW X5) and the 2nd vehicle was a breeze to list because Marc set me up with the same discount and took care of the pictures. I just had to pay the fee and reply to his email with my pictures. Great service and quick results. Don't mind paying the fee to transfer a lease with these guys.

We were very skeptical about signing up with this company and had no hope that we will find an interested party to take over our lease. After a month we started getting inquiries about the car and found our lessee, a great couple from San Diego. The transaction was smooth and painless and the lease is transferred. Swapalease is a great concept. Next time we want to lease a car it will definitely be from them. Our Lease Transfer Specialist was Mr. Noli H. Professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant.

Great team of people to work with, I was able to find a buyer within 2 months of listing my vehicle, within the 3rd month all the transfer papers completed. This program works! Thank you Swapalease!!
- G. Martin

After I signed up with Swapalease my 2012 Volkswagen in 3 days it was sold and in total I received about 30 calls. Definitely a worthwhile service¬°
- M. Golin

Definitely recommend Swapalease . First time using and Nick W. was great in helping me set up account and sold lease within 30 days! I actually sold to first inquirer and had many more who wanted vehicle. Highly recommend. I would definitely use again.
- P. Watnick

Just completing the transfer of a mini cooper lease. The process has been smooth and the program at swap a lease made it possible. thank you ! J.F.
- J. Fine

I worked with Danielle R. who is an account manager for Swapalease and she was amazing and supportive during the whole process. From the time I registered and began advertising to the final sale of my car, Danielle was easily accessible via phone or email.

I had a great experience with Nick W. to transfer my lease. I found the person who ended up taking over my lease within minutes of listing the vehicle.

Swapalease is a great service. It's easy to use, and the messaging system (and app) for communicating with potential buyers is simple and convenient. Swapalease personnel were helpful each time I called and my rep (Vernon) was extremely communicative and detailed throughout the process from me scoping out the service to answering my initial questions, and guiding me through the final transfer process. I highly recommend Swapalease for anyone trying to exit their lease early. You can succeed using this platform.

My 335d BMW was leased today! Got a response within 7 days. Want to thank you for your persistence to 'make the sale' and encourage me to go with Swap A Lease first.I will highly recommend your firm. Thanks again and great job!! J. Bell

I was completely unsure of what I was getting myself into with Swapalease after reading mixed reviews, however, I was a bit desperate to get out of my lease so I gave it a shot. Well... I can say for sure it was worth the money spent! Lisa F. was super helpful and responsive. Her call back time was typically less than 20 minutes the same day! It took approx 4 months to find someone to take over my lease. I would use this service again for sure and I would highly recommend using Lisa. Swapalease gave my car the exposure it needed. Tip: if you want to move your car fast...I highly recommend a fat cash incentive. Good luck!

When I wanted out of my lease early I really wasn't sure how to go about it and buying out of it was too expensive. I stumbled on Swapalease and they were great! Nick W. was my rep and he did a terrific job listing my car and uploading pictures. Within 6 weeks I had found someone to take over my lease and completed the entire transfer process (usually about two to four weeks). For anyone looking for a way to get out of there lease early, this is definitely the way to go!

I highly recommend Swapalease for subleasing a vehicle, particularly working with Senior Account Manager Eric S. Eric was so helpful from start to finish! He explained how the process was going to work and helped me to anticipate my particular financing company's process and timeline. He was always available when I emailed or called him and patiently answered all of my questions. I was moving out of state and had a deadline and the deal closed before I moved, which was the goal. Eric totally helped to make that happen! I also found the Swapalease website to very comprehensive with a set up that allows you to edit your ad, view who was interested in the vehicle, save any searches done on other vehicles and get alerts. It was very user-friendly and made it easy to navigate the steps. I appreciated how I was that someone had inquired about my car and was just a click away from accessing the site and the person's comments so that ic ould answer very quickly. The exposure on my vehicle was invaluable! I had over 75 inquiries over a 4 week period! My experience was fantastic! Thanks Swapalease! My sublessee is very happy with the car and your process, too!

Swapalease is a great site to help with changing leases. Amy T. assisted me through the whole process and was there to help me whenever I needed it. I recommend this process to everyone.

I would use you guys again. I was able to sell my car in just one day.

Mike C. was our sales person and he was extremely professional! The ease of working with him was a breath of fresh air for once. It's very hard to find ppl that you can count on. Every question or concern was immediately addressed. It was truly our pleasure to work with Mike...thank you!!!

Swapalease fast and easy to use. Found someone to take over my lease in no time! Definitely be using swapalease again in the near future. - WT

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. What an amazingly adept concept perfectly executed. I signed up on a Friday, my post went up that night and by the next day, I had 6-7 contacts. The second person simply said is it still available, when I responded yes, he said I will take it. He was approved by BMW the next business day. Within a week the entire transfer and supporting paperwork was approved and closed. I got to make a new "friend" in D.C. and his wife got a spotless car she will love. The individual who helped me at Swapalease, Amy T., could not have been more helpful. She even posted a standard picture when I could not get home to take a picture. Mothers Day Weekend was all it took. Nice job Amy, nice job Swapalease. I am in a new vehicle thanks to Swapalease.

This turned out GREAT for me! I was very unsure, to begin with, but Eric S, my Account Manager, walked me through the process very patiently and helped me make the appropriate choice for the package I chose. I was very pleasantly surprised to get some hits immediately and I was able to exit my lease within a very short time. Big shout-out to Eric for not only being there initially but being available all through the process. The support team at Swapalease is also top class and very responsive. I would recommend Swapalease and Eric S. @ Swapalease anytime!

This is my seventh experience using Swapalease. Each time, I have been assisted by Noli H. He is efficient and professional and very accommodating. Swapalease provides a seamless and hassle-free way to exit a Lease. I recommend the reasonably priced full exposure ad to move the vehicle quickly. There is no time limit for the one-time fee and the vehicle ad remains prominent until the lease is assumed. Unlike other companies, SAL only charges one fee to the listing person and there is no commission to SAL following the sale. I highly recommend SAL over the other companies.

Desperate to get out of my lease I googled it and found Swapalease. I called in December and spoke to Representative Carissa H. who was the most helpful individual ever! She explained how the program worked talked me through every step answered every email and phone call right up until the car is pending! In just 4 months. Thank You.

Marc B., my Swapalease consultant, was outstanding and I sold my car in 30 days as he thought I would.

Just wanted to comment that Swapalease.com really works! Helped me to find a secure buyer, and transfer the vehicle safely and smoothly. Thank you so much! Everything was done within 5-6 week!

Swapalease.com was a success from the start. Within eight hours of my agent posting my ad, I had several inquiries. I was shocked. My agent walked me through the rest of the process and before I knew it I was out of my lease! SG
- S. Germansky

Working with Swapalease was extremely easy! Amy T. at Swapalease was able to get my car on Swapalease and the lease sold in 24 hours! I thought I would not be able to get out of my lease earlier without some painful paperwork but Amy was great walking me through the whole process. I would definitely use them again!!

I was very satisfied with my experience transferring my car lease on swapalease.com. Dealing with Nick W. and the entire staff was a pleasure. They turned a complicated procedure into a simple step by step process. My lease was selected for transfer in less than a week, and the transaction moved along seamlessly. Thanks, Greg W.