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I decided to swap my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and happen to be given a call from Kassie Z. at Swapalease. In a word she was great, I found her informative and accurate. Thank you for the great advice and guidance Kassie. My only complaint was I didn’t always find other customer service personnel to be as helpful or clear with the information they provided. All in all the Kassie made the experience worthy of repeats.

"Your service is a very new and much needed service. Throughout my dealings with your service you have been very helpful and courteous. When one of our deals fell through because of the Leasing company, you were right there to help us recover and move on. We now have a deal in place to sell our vehicle thanks to Swapalease. I will recommend your service to everyone that I know. Thank you for all your help!!!"
-R. Godsey

This is my seventh experience using Swapalease. Each time, I have been assisted by Noli H. He is efficient and professional and very accommodating. Swapalease provides a seamless and hassle-free way to exit a Lease. I recommend the reasonably priced full exposure ad to move the vehicle quickly. There is no time limit for the one-time fee and the vehicle ad remains prominent until the lease is assumed. Unlike other companies, SAL only charges one fee to the listing person and there is no commission to SAL following the sale. I highly recommend SAL over the other companies.

This website was recommended to me from my dealership. I was a bit skeptical at first but couldn't have asked for a better outcome. My car lease was taken over with 2 weeks of listing it. The whole process took a little shy of a month to complete. From start to finish Swapalease was great for me, I dealt with Christina D. and she was very helpful starting my listing and very attentive to my emails and questions. Any change or editing I needed it was done right away. Thank you!!! I recommend this company to anyone looking to exit their lease fast and easy.

My experience with Swapalease and Nick W. was great! The process was pretty easy and Nick always answered any questions I had either via phone or email. I was able to exit my lease within 60 days!

I was very satisfied with my experience transferring my car lease on Dealing with Nick W. and the entire staff was a pleasure. They turned a complicated procedure into a simple step by step process. My lease was selected for transfer in less than a week, and the transaction moved along seamlessly. Thanks, Greg W.

I lost my job two months after renewing my car lease. I needed to release 30 years of a perpetual car payment. I did some research and found Swapalease. I spoke to a lovely gal named Jessica R. Jessica was kind and empathetic to my financial situation. She assisted me through the lease transfer process step by step. And also who to speak with at GM Financial (Lease assumption department). My car went onto Swapalease's website August 14 and my lease was officially transferred to the new leasee on September 19th. Basically One month. I'm so happy I contacted Swapalease. I highly recommend this company to anyone who may need assistance with a lease transfer. Thank you, Jessica!

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. What an amazingly adept concept perfectly executed. I signed up on a Friday, my post went up that night and by the next day, I had 6-7 contacts. The second person simply said is it still available, when I responded yes, he said I will take it. He was approved by BMW the next business day. Within a week the entire transfer and supporting paperwork was approved and closed. I got to make a new "friend" in D.C. and his wife got a spotless car she will love. The individual who helped me at Swapalease, Amy T., could not have been more helpful. She even posted a standard picture when I could not get home to take a picture. Mothers Day Weekend was all it took. Nice job Amy, nice job Swapalease. I am in a new vehicle thanks to Swapalease.

Swapalease is an excellent company to work with if you need to have someone take over the lease payments on your car. I have used them twice and both times the process was easy and effective. My leases were transferred within 60 days both times. I'm so happy with this company and the professionalism of the people they employ, they really know what they are doing. I also love how available they are for you along with being super knowledgeable about the transfer process. Excellent job and I will use them again without hesitation.

This was the best car selling experience ever. Bill G. helped along with Erin A. and they were great. Everything was done in a matter of a couple days and I will definitely come back to Swapalease again! Great job guys!
- O. Rodriguez

My experience with Swapalease was wonderful. I'm extremely pleased with their service. From start to finish, they guided me along every step of the way. Carissa H. was very responsive and professional. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.

Just completing the transfer of a mini cooper lease. The process has been smooth and the program at swap a lease made it possible. thank you ! J.F.
- J. Fine

Just wanted to comment that really works! Helped me to find a secure buyer, and transfer the vehicle safely and smoothly. Thank you so much! Everything was done within 5-6 week!

We were very skeptical about signing up with this company and had no hope that we will find an interested party to take over our lease. After a month we started getting inquiries about the car and found our lessee, a great couple from San Diego. The transaction was smooth and painless and the lease is transferred. Swapalease is a great concept. Next time we want to lease a car it will definitely be from them. Our Lease Transfer Specialist was Mr. Noli H. Professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant. was a success from the start. Within eight hours of my agent posting my ad, I had several inquiries. I was shocked. My agent walked me through the rest of the process and before I knew it I was out of my lease! SG
- S. Germansky

"Your site is the perfect solution to the pickle I find myself in: I'm being relocated, selling my house, buying a new one in a different state, I leave in 2 weeks and my wife's car just died -leaving her stranded here in NJ. We're short on cash until the sale of my house. We feel better now that we scoured your user friendly site. Good job!"
-B. Peterson

Easiest transaction I have ever done! WOW!! It was a amazing!

My experience with Sales Rep WS who started off the process where I received impeccable service, he assisted me with understanding the process, coached me along the way when I had questions, his follow through was phenomenal. Further, the assistance I received during the process with the Swap transfer team was great as well. have mentioned this experience with many family members, colleagues and friends and I hope they contact Swapalease for their future lease needs. Thank you again for a job well done....Keep up the GREAT work!
- M. O

Great service found it online when I needed to get out of my lease. If your bank you financed your vehicle allows a lease transfer they will help you out with marketing your car. I was contacted by Fred J. at Swapalease who was very helpful in me making the right decision in posting an ad. You have several choices and they run it till you transfer your lease. I had at least 6 parties interested and after one false start (credit issue) I got an interested party and will complete my transfer this Wednesday. I would highly recommend Swapalease and Fred J. if you are either looking for a lease deal or need to get out of yours early.

I had a great experience with Swapalease. Marc B. was super helpful and guided me through the whole process. I was able to get out of my Mustang lease within 6 weeks. I highly recommend this site if you want to get out of your lease sooner or if you are looking for a great lease deal.

"This is a wonderful way to help people such as myself get out of leases at the earliest convenience. Keep up the good work."
-D. S.

"It did not take long at all...I was very happy!!"
-M. Foster

I highly recommend Amy T. at Swapalease. It just took a week to find a final buyer after my car was posted on the website. Amy did an excellent job of posting my car on the website to handle inquiries from potential buyers. I am very happy with Swapalease. :)

Swapalease and especially my contact Michael C. were fantastic... Very fast and easy way to get out of one car and into another. I will use them again.

Kathie was great every step of the way, she did not try and sell me anything just stated the facts and what would work best for my situation. First experience with Swapalease much easier than expected, will surely be utilizing for future needs.

The whole process was so easy, my account rep Noli H. was the best my BMW lease was taken over in about six weeks. Thank you Noli for everything. Sincerely, Steve G.

"Call in one week and I'm making the Swap now! Terrific!"
- C. Mann

Swapalease works great. I will be looking for my own car soon. B. Lyon

I needed to end my lease due to unforeseen personal conditions, so I thought I'd give Swapalease a try to help me. I was assigned to Kathie M. as my leasing specialist. And I was truly fortunate because Kathie was the most understanding, thoughtful, and wonderful to work with to set my vehicle up for sale. She also speedily made many changes along the way to help ensure a sale. All in all, I'm very impressed and enjoyed working with Kathie and Swapalease. Don't think twice and just trust them, they're good people and will help take the stress out of your situation.

Swapalease was incredibly easy to use. Cherie H. was fantastic. She helped me set up the posting and followed up to be sure things were working properly. I was surprised at the large number of responses/interested parties. Swapalease also had good access to related services, such as delivery services. All in all, great experience.