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Smooth transaction through Swapalease on my Ram 1500 Truck. Lisa & Jack at Swapalease are very knowledgeable & helpful. Thanks Again!!

I was referred to Swapalease by my dealership. I was part way through the registration process when I was contacted by Lisa F., a Sr. Acct Mgr.. She was extremely helpful in getting me set up and showing me how to save some money. Once I was set up I had a successful contact within 60 days and closed the transaction within 90. The new lessee and I did the paperwork directly with the leasing company since I had guidance from my dealership. I would definitely work with Lisa and Swapalease again.

I was totally satisfied in your service, price and followup. J. Bailey

Swapalease is a Godsend to get u in or out of a lease. I've been dealing with Swapalease for about 12 years I get all my vehicles through them I refuse to go to a dealer again! I get some pretty incredible deals and savings dealing with Swapalease by not going to the dealer I don't have to put any money up front to take over someone's lease it helps me and it helps them I dealt with Ron B. on the lease that I just got out of and he was fantastic it took me about 4 weeks to find a buyer and it got me out of my lease Swapalease is fantastic I just wish they would do more public advertising so more people would know about them. When you contact Swapalease their salespeople go right to work for you and they don't stop until you're satisfied and your vehicle is gone. Ron B. was great he posted the pictures for me help me with the wording in the advertisement he did me a great service thanks Ron for all your help!

This website was recommended to me from my dealership. I was a bit skeptical at first but couldn't have asked for a better outcome. My car lease was taken over with 2 weeks of listing it. The whole process took a little shy of a month to complete. From start to finish Swapalease was great for me, I dealt with Christina D. and she was very helpful starting my listing and very attentive to my emails and questions. Any change or editing I needed it was done right away. Thank you!!! I recommend this company to anyone looking to exit their lease fast and easy.

I had a great experience because of Lisa F.. She was though and made sure that I maximized my visibility on Swapalease. Do yourself a favor and call Lisa F. so you can get rid of your lease and painlessly. If you have questions, she knows a ton about the process. Highly recommended service and representative!!!

I would like to say my first conversation with Kathie M. about placing my lease to swap was fast, concise, informative and an overall great experience. I will recommend this site to anyone I speak to...thanks Kathie.

I'm so glad I discovered Swapalease! The service provided by my account manager, Christina D. was awesome! She helped me through the entire process and was always very responsive to my emails and calls. Contact Christina if you want to get your lease taken over and she will do a fantastic job for you. Jack N.'s social media posts did the trick, they were amazing!

Easiest transaction I have ever done! WOW!! It was a amazing!

Worked out perfectly, love this website. It took less than 2 months to get someone assume my BMW lease :-), I will recommend this to all.
- K. Vuppala

Listed my car on Swapalease but didn't really expect much interest. Boy was I wrong! Within 2 months I had about 8 serious inquiries. The 3rd person was fully vetted by my leasing company and the car was officially given to him. Instead of paying $5000+ to terminate the lease the small fee for Swapalease did the job in record time. My contact Amy T was patient and professional during the process and answered all my endless questions always reassuring me that all would be ok. Highly recommend Swapalease service and Amy T. to get the job done!!

Used swapalease 2 times and both with great success. Really useful and needed tool in the marketplace.
- S. Nuell

Working with Noli H. was a great experience, he was very helpful and always available. Would recommend him to everyone!

Kathie was great every step of the way, she did not try and sell me anything just stated the facts and what would work best for my situation. First experience with Swapalease much easier than expected, will surely be utilizing for future needs.

I had a great experience with Swapalease moving my car. I would suggest offering an incentive of the GM Financial [Transfer and Credit App Fees] right away. My activity and inquiries increased dramatically after I offered the incentive. Ron B. did a good job helping me and I would recommend him.

"I think Swapalease.com may be the answer to my prayers."
-E. A.

Do to a death in the family, we were stuck and needed someone to step into the lease. We would've taken a huge hit by buying out the lease and selling the car, so we had no other real options. The process took some time for sure, both finding a buyer (about 4 weeks) and completing the transfer (4 weeks). But in the end, there was really no other way, and I am really relieved to put this behind me. Senior account manager Eric S., followed the process and helped when needed. He was always prompt getting back to me. So yea, I'm happy.

I just wanted to say thank you to Nick W. at Swapalease. I have never done this before and he made me feel comfortable and helped me step by step all the way through the process. I recommend him if you ever need to get out of your lease. After I posted it took no time at all to sell my lease. Hands down to Nick. He is the best at what he does.

I had a terrific experience working with Lisa F. the transaction was very smooth and I'm very pleased.

I was in a situation where I had to get rid of my lease because I was moving to NYC (where I didn't need a car) from LA. This was a new and very unfamiliar process but Lisa F. was extremely helpful in walking me through the process multiple times, answering my questions on a daily basis and overall making my experience with SwapALease better than my skeptical expectation (not knowing anything about this program). Once I posted it took about a month from the beginning to the end where the lease was no longer in my name. The program connects you with a buyer. Then you coordinate everything with the buyer from seeing the car in person, etc if necessary to negotiations of lease transfer (with the help of your financial institution). Overall, if I had to go through the experience again I would definitely work through Lisa as she made it very seamless and relatively quick to get it done. She's also super sweet!

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

I am leaving this review regarding my first-time experience with Swapalease. I was skeptical at first but they did exactly what they said. Carissa H. was very professional and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I am very satisfied and will use them again and highly recommend Carissa.

Excellent service!! Fred J. was very helpful and the vehicle was transferred to a new owner in less than three weeks. Great way to exit a lease.

My 335d BMW was leased today! Got a response within 7 days. Want to thank you for your persistence to 'make the sale' and encourage me to go with Swap A Lease first.I will highly recommend your firm. Thanks again and great job!! J. Bell

This was a fantastic experience!!! My car left New Jersey last week on its way to Kentucky. It was such a fun and easy process working with the people at Swapalease.com I have told all my friends about it. Than you Swaplease!

Don't lease a car for your girlfriend without her seeing it first! But since I did and she didn't like it I was lucky enough to have had a friend recommend Swapalease. From the minute, I got on the phone with Gail everything was simplified she took charge and all I had to do was give her the info and some pics. From the moment it went live the emails came flooding in, then the phone calls. I had a deal in 2 days, that deal fell through not because of Swapalease but because the applicant could not make it happen with the bank. That took almost a week the minute that applicant was disqualified I had a deal because there were so many people lined up wanting the car, Keith was also a big help in dealing with the banks. The whole process took less than two weeks and my lease is gone and a new Lessor is cruising away happy.

Swapalease was fantastic!! I lost my job & could not afford my 2010 Toyota RAV4 payment. Everyone at Swapalease were really friendly & helpful. I had my lease transferred to a wonderful person who lives in Spokane, Washington. It was completed in one month. I am so happy I chose Swapalease! Thanks again! D. Ross

I have to say I was extremely skeptical about Swapalease. But I wanted out of my lease much more so I took a chance. I'm happy I did! The whole process was seamless. Danielle R. was very diligent and timely with responding to my emails and/or phone calls. I would recommend Swapalease. I was very happy with the whole process.

Swapalease worked, it's a done deal!!!!

Definitely recommend Swapalease . First time using and Nick W. was great in helping me set up account and sold lease within 30 days! I actually sold to first inquirer and had many more who wanted vehicle. Highly recommend. I would definitely use again.
- P. Watnick