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I met with a buyer today and the car is already sold after only 4 days!! Swapalease is absolutely the best!!! Thanks! T. Fillman

Kathie was great every step of the way, she did not try and sell me anything just stated the facts and what would work best for my situation. First experience with Swapalease much easier than expected, will surely be utilizing for future needs.

This is my seventh experience using Swapalease. Each time, I have been assisted by Noli H. He is efficient and professional and very accommodating. Swapalease provides a seamless and hassle-free way to exit a Lease. I recommend the reasonably priced full exposure ad to move the vehicle quickly. There is no time limit for the one-time fee and the vehicle ad remains prominent until the lease is assumed. Unlike other companies, SAL only charges one fee to the listing person and there is no commission to SAL following the sale. I highly recommend SAL over the other companies.

"You made it very easy to list my 1999 Ford Explorer Sport!"
-S. Angeli

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. What an amazingly adept concept perfectly executed. I signed up on a Friday, my post went up that night and by the next day, I had 6-7 contacts. The second person simply said is it still available, when I responded yes, he said I will take it. He was approved by BMW the next business day. Within a week the entire transfer and supporting paperwork was approved and closed. I got to make a new "friend" in D.C. and his wife got a spotless car she will love. The individual who helped me at Swapalease, Amy T., could not have been more helpful. She even posted a standard picture when I could not get home to take a picture. Mothers Day Weekend was all it took. Nice job Amy, nice job Swapalease. I am in a new vehicle thanks to Swapalease.

Used swapalease 2 times and both with great success. Really useful and needed tool in the marketplace.
- S. Nuell

I signed up/posted my car on Swapalease in October 2017. Jessica R. was my point of contact and she was extremely helpful during the entire process. Always responsive, making sure the pictures I wanted were posted, helping me add incentives when needed, giving me advice, etc. It took a few more months than expected to get rid of the car, but it ended up working out. This is a great site to use, as it is trustworthy and really lets you handle the process on your own. You are able to chat with whomever reaches out to you, so you don't have to go through different parties.

I wanted to thank you for your help in selling my 530i. After you put up the ad, the person that ultimately took the car notified me in 4 days! The transaction is now complete as of 3 weeks from the ad going up. I am quite pleased with the results!
- DC

Had a great experience with Swaplease. They were very responsive in helping us to market and quickly list our x5, which was sold quickly. This was our first time using Swaplease and they made the process seamless. Would definitely work with Swaplease team again.

This was the first time I used a service such as Swapalease and it was a positive experience. The Swapalease representative, Tony S. was incredibly helpful in explaining all aspects of their services. The website is easy to use and update. Anytime I had additional questions, the representative, Tony S. always promptly returned my emails and/or phone calls. Even better, I sold my car and probably could have sold it many times over. I had much interest in my listing which my representative gave me useful advice. I would definitely utilize the services in the future!

It only took me 3 weeks to find a buyer thru your website. The buyer was here locally in Austin. I appreciate everything you did for me. M. Hammonds

This website was recommended to me from my dealership. I was a bit skeptical at first but couldn't have asked for a better outcome. My car lease was taken over with 2 weeks of listing it. The whole process took a little shy of a month to complete. From start to finish Swapalease was great for me, I dealt with Christina D. and she was very helpful starting my listing and very attentive to my emails and questions. Any change or editing I needed it was done right away. Thank you!!! I recommend this company to anyone looking to exit their lease fast and easy.

I would use you guys again. I was able to sell my car in just one day. Tina - Rochester, New York

Working with Noli H. was a great experience, he was very helpful and always available. Would recommend him to everyone!

Definitely recommend Swapalease . First time using and Nick W. was great in helping me set up account and sold lease within 30 days! I actually sold to first inquirer and had many more who wanted vehicle. Highly recommend. I would definitely use again.
- P. Watnick

My experience with Swapalease and Carissa H. was super! It was incredibly easy and not only was Carissa great but so was the person with whom I assumed a lease. The whole experience was pleasant and stressfree!

Hi, I wanted to let people know that Swapalease, Lisa F., and her team are the best. They posted my Aston Martin and within 40 days I had a buyer. It really works. thx. Anthony

I was very satisfied with my experience transferring my car lease on swapalease.com. Dealing with Nick W. and the entire staff was a pleasure. They turned a complicated procedure into a simple step by step process. My lease was selected for transfer in less than a week, and the transaction moved along seamlessly. Thanks, Greg W.

"Your site is the perfect solution to the pickle I find myself in: I'm being relocated, selling my house, buying a new one in a different state, I leave in 2 weeks and my wife's car just died -leaving her stranded here in NJ. We're short on cash until the sale of my house. We feel better now that we scoured your user friendly site. Good job!"
-B. Peterson

I transferred lease with Swapalease in November. I think about how it saved me so much.I was given A new car and had this payment on my leased car. I was told there is NO WAY of getting out of the lease. I found swap a lease and didn't think it would work. It did and within 1 day of posting my ad I had a buyer. I am so grateful for you guys!!!!
- J. Severino

I used SAL to find a new owner for my Volvo. It is a great program. It took about 45 days to find a new owner. The SAL people were excellent and I accomplished the transfer easily. Would use SAL again if the circumstances were there.
- S. Rosenwasser

Noli and Swapalease are the best. I Swapped 3 leases and Noli was very helpful. I highly recommend!!

I took over a BMW lease 2 years ago & loved it. Just now leased my LEXUS to some lucky client. Marc B. is amazing who walked me walk through the listing process and helped marketing it properly. It took me 2 months from listing to transfer the vehicle. I am now looking for a new lease to take over - it so much fun, least to say that I love this site. Thanks, Marc!!

This is a great service! Vernon M. and the whole Swapalease.com team were extremely helpful in getting my lease transferred in a timely fashion. I would recommend them to anyone looking to leave (or enter) a lease in a more affordable way.
- D. Rushall

Recently used SWAL for the 2nd time. Lisa F. was an ace to work with and no hiccups along the way. Exited a Mustang lease when there were many 'Stangs listed. Highly recommend SWAL and Lisa in particular.

I was talking to a friend who said he got rid of three cars on Swapalease.com, so I decided to give it a try. I was a little cynical about how the entire procedure worked, like I was waiting for the catch....but it actually turned out to be quick and smooth. It's a little uncomfortable having to deal with people you don't know contacting you. I listed my car on a Monday night, had several interested buyers, by that Sunday. So yes, Swapalease.com does really work. My representative basically held my hand throughout the entire process and answered all of my concerns promptly. When I tell people about how I got rid of my car they are are in disbelief! But it really did work. Swapalease.com definitely works!!! Thank you.

You guys are without a doubt the best. What an enjoyable experience all around. Not only was I able to find someone to assume my lease, but the process took 3 1/2 weeks from the time I listed the car to the time I delivered it to the person who assumed the lease. This time frame was less than half of what I was told by swapalease.com, far exceeding my expectations! What's more is that I had six serious inquiries during this time frame. To sum up my experience with swapalese.com I can only say that I would give the company a 100% "RECOMMENDAITON WITHOUT RESERVATION"!!
- S. Weinberg

Swapalease is a Godsend to get u in or out of a lease. I've been dealing with Swapalease for about 12 years I get all my vehicles through them I refuse to go to a dealer again! I get some pretty incredible deals and savings dealing with Swapalease by not going to the dealer I don't have to put any money up front to take over someone's lease it helps me and it helps them I dealt with Ron B. on the lease that I just got out of and he was fantastic it took me about 4 weeks to find a buyer and it got me out of my lease Swapalease is fantastic I just wish they would do more public advertising so more people would know about them. When you contact Swapalease their salespeople go right to work for you and they don't stop until you're satisfied and your vehicle is gone. Ron B. was great he posted the pictures for me help me with the wording in the advertisement he did me a great service thanks Ron for all your help!

"Your service is a very new and much needed service. Throughout my dealings with your service you have been very helpful and courteous. When one of our deals fell through because of the Leasing company, you were right there to help us recover and move on. We now have a deal in place to sell our vehicle thanks to Swapalease. I will recommend your service to everyone that I know. Thank you for all your help!!!"
-R. Godsey

I highly recommend Swapalease for subleasing a vehicle, particularly working with Senior Account Manager Eric S. Eric was so helpful from start to finish! He explained how the process was going to work and helped me to anticipate my particular financing company's process and timeline. He was always available when I emailed or called him and patiently answered all of my questions. I was moving out of state and had a deadline and the deal closed before I moved, which was the goal. Eric totally helped to make that happen! I also found the Swapalease website to very comprehensive with a set up that allows you to edit your ad, view who was interested in the vehicle, save any searches done on other vehicles and get alerts. It was very user-friendly and made it easy to navigate the steps. I appreciated how I was that someone had inquired about my car and was just a click away from accessing the site and the person's comments so that ic ould answer very quickly. The exposure on my vehicle was invaluable! I had over 75 inquiries over a 4 week period! My experience was fantastic! Thanks Swapalease! My sublessee is very happy with the car and your process, too!