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Swapalease was incredibly easy to use. Cherie H. was fantastic. She helped me set up the posting and followed up to be sure things were working properly. I was surprised at the large number of responses/interested parties. Swapalease also had good access to related services, such as delivery services. All in all, great experience.

I would like to let you know that the lease was successfully transferred and the process worked really well. Thanks again...I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of a lease! -DB

My experience with Swapalease was exceptional! Noli H. made sure to always follow-up in a very timely manner and extended great customer support. I was able to find a reliable person to take over my lease in a relatively short amount of time. I highly recommend this service!

Swapalease is a Godsend to get u in or out of a lease. I've been dealing with Swapalease for about 12 years I get all my vehicles through them I refuse to go to a dealer again! I get some pretty incredible deals and savings dealing with Swapalease by not going to the dealer I don't have to put any money up front to take over someone's lease it helps me and it helps them I dealt with Ron B. on the lease that I just got out of and he was fantastic it took me about 4 weeks to find a buyer and it got me out of my lease Swapalease is fantastic I just wish they would do more public advertising so more people would know about them. When you contact Swapalease their salespeople go right to work for you and they don't stop until you're satisfied and your vehicle is gone. Ron B. was great he posted the pictures for me help me with the wording in the advertisement he did me a great service thanks Ron for all your help!

I decided to swap my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and happen to be given a call from Kassie Z. at Swapalease. In a word she was great, I found her informative and accurate. Thank you for the great advice and guidance Kassie. My only complaint was I didn’t always find other customer service personnel to be as helpful or clear with the information they provided. All in all the Kassie made the experience worthy of repeats.

I'm not one to really write a lot of reviews. However, there is no one better out there that I have found to list your car with to lease it fast. I have used Leasetrader and Swapalease for years as I have leased a lot of cars. My last lease I had listed on both and my Mercedes had an overwhelming response on Swapalease and had almost next to nothing on Leasetrader. I have nothing to gain by writing this review except to give my opinion about how fantastic their website is. Also, Cherie was awesome and how she followed up with me to stay in touch with how my response was going. I certainly will continue to use them in the future if I need to lease a car. Do yourself a favor and use them too. Don't waste your money on any other is my opinion. By the way, my car leased in 3 days after it was posted. Unbelievable!

Lisa F. was awesome to work with. She has my been client advisor for the last three transfers. I appreciate her quick responses and friendly attitude.

I am in the car business and a co-worker did Swapalease on the BMW with ease. I decided to try it with my VW, Jetta and within 2 months my lease was taken over by very nice responsible people. "Swapalease" was there all the way. Amy T. was my go-to person and she was awesome! If you need out and don't want to lose money I highly recommend doing it thru "Swapalease".

This was the first time I used a service such as Swapalease and it was a positive experience. The Swapalease representative, Tony S. was incredibly helpful in explaining all aspects of their services. The website is easy to use and update. Anytime I had additional questions, the representative, Tony S. always promptly returned my emails and/or phone calls. Even better, I sold my car and probably could have sold it many times over. I had so much interest in my listing which my representative gave me useful advice. I would definitely utilize the services in the future!

This turned out GREAT for me! I was very unsure, to begin with, but Eric S, my Account Manager, walked me through the process very patiently and helped me make the appropriate choice for the package I chose. I was very pleasantly surprised to get some hits immediately and I was able to exit my lease within a very short time. Big shout-out to Eric for not only being there initially but being available all through the process. The support team at Swapalease is also top class and very responsive. I would recommend Swapalease and Eric S. @ Swapalease anytime!

Swapalease is a very interesting tool to prospective buyers to take over your lease. Mike C. a Swapalease associate was very helpful from the very beginning and throughout the process. I firmly recommend Swapalease for those who want to hand a lease or take over a new one.

I had a great experience because of Lisa F.. She was though and made sure that I maximized my visibility on Swapalease. Do yourself a favor and call Lisa F. so you can get rid of your lease and painlessly. If you have questions, she knows a ton about the process. Highly recommended service and representative!!!

I was unsure about listing my lease on your website, but I had a buyer in one week! Thank you!! A. Burrow
- A. Burrow

Had a Great experience with Swapalease. Representative Michael C. ext 2002 was very personable and knowledgeable on all aspects of the lease transfer process. Within 24 hours of listing my car on the site, I had over 20 people interested in the car. What a response! Well worth the fee I paid. Very easy to use and a great result. Thank you Swapalease.

Kathie was great every step of the way, she did not try and sell me anything just stated the facts and what would work best for my situation. First experience with Swapalease much easier than expected, will surely be utilizing for future needs.

Carissa H. is the best! I never did Swapalease but would definitely be a repeat customer.

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

Had a great experience with Swaplease. They were very responsive in helping us to market and quickly list our x5, which was sold quickly. This was our first time using Swaplease and they made the process seamless. Would definitely work with Swaplease team again.

I would like to say my first conversation with Kathie M. about placing my lease to swap was fast, concise, informative and an overall great experience. I will recommend this site to anyone I speak to...thanks Kathie.

I was talking to a friend who said he got rid of three cars on Swapalease.com, so I decided to give it a try. I was a little cynical about how the entire procedure worked, like I was waiting for the catch....but it actually turned out to be quick and smooth. It's a little uncomfortable having to deal with people you don't know contacting you. I listed my car on a Monday night, had several interested buyers, by that Sunday. So yes, Swapalease.com does really work. My representative basically held my hand throughout the entire process and answered all of my concerns promptly. When I tell people about how I got rid of my car they are are in disbelief! But it really did work. Swapalease.com definitely works!!! Thank you.

When I started in search for the best place to publish my lease, after all I ended up here. After a few hours I received a call from Lisa F., Senior Account Manager from Swapalease.com and she was the kindest person ever. She explained me everything from start to finish, she explain how to fill the papers, how to publish the car, a few tips for it, even how leasing companies work. I found a buyer in a few weeks and Swapalease.com agents help me with the process and questions I was still having. Very good experience. I would totally recommend this to anyone doing this for the first time like I was.
- E. Carrasco

Excellent service!! Fred J. was very helpful and the vehicle was transferred to a new owner in less than three weeks. Great way to exit a lease.

Hey guys, this is my second time transferring over a lease in less than a month on Swapalease. This website is a great way to get out of your lease. Lisa F. was a very knowledgeable lady that told me exactly how to list my car for best exposure. She was very helpful and easy to work with. Thanks for the quick sell.

The WOW to me was how many " real" potential swappers called either the same day or the next morning. We actually swapped the car the morning after we placed the ad. Thanks again, Steve

Lisa F. was very easy to work with; direct and to the point and very responsive. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but Lisa answered all my questions and made the process as easy as possible.

This was a fantastic experience!!! My car left New Jersey last week on its way to Kentucky. It was such a fun and easy process working with the people at Swapalease.com I have told all my friends about it. Than you Swaplease!

You guys are without a doubt the best. What an enjoyable experience all around. Not only was I able to find someone to assume my lease, but the process took 3 1/2 weeks from the time I listed the car to the time I delivered it to the person who assumed the lease. This time frame was less than half of what I was told by swapalease.com, far exceeding my expectations! What's more is that I had six serious inquiries during this time frame. To sum up my experience with swapalese.com I can only say that I would give the company a 100% "RECOMMENDAITON WITHOUT RESERVATION"!!
- S. Weinberg

My experience with Swapalease and Carissa H. was super! It was incredibly easy and not only was Carissa great but so was the person with whom I assumed a lease. The whole experience was pleasant and stressfree!

I am happy to report the MKX was sold, and is now in the hands of the new buyer. Swapalease is indeed a good tool in the market place. Thanks for providing such value!!!!! J. McChester

I am blown away with the response I received to my ad and the quick time of sale. I will refer Swapalease to anyone I know looking to get out of their auto. G. Link ________________________________________