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I just wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a lease swap on our BMW. We found our experience with Swapalease a great one and really appreciate your help.Thanks again for the great job you guys did.
Richard Lindenbaum

If you are considering using Swapalease call and talked to Lisa F., she is the best. Lisa helped me to go through the entire process until I was able to find the buyer for my car.

This is a great service! Vernon M. and the whole team were extremely helpful in getting my lease transferred in a timely fashion. I would recommend them to anyone looking to leave (or enter) a lease in a more affordable way.
- D. Rushall

I had a great experience with Nick W. to transfer my lease. I found the person who ended up taking over my lease within minutes of listing the vehicle.

Great service that really works! I thought I was stuck in my lease but was able to transfer it pretty easily using Swapalease. Lisa F. was very knowledgeable and helpful at every step and really wanted to make sure my transfer went smoothly. I was happily surprised at the exposure I got for my car - over 800 people viewed my car on the Swapalease website in 40 days.

Great company and easy to work with. Jessica R. was ALWAYS available for any questions of help I needed. Highly recommend!

Don't lease a car for your girlfriend without her seeing it first! But since I did and she didn't like it I was lucky enough to have had a friend recommend Swapalease. From the minute, I got on the phone with Gail everything was simplified she took charge and all I had to do was give her the info and some pics. From the moment it went live the emails came flooding in, then the phone calls. I had a deal in 2 days, that deal fell through not because of Swapalease but because the applicant could not make it happen with the bank. That took almost a week the minute that applicant was disqualified I had a deal because there were so many people lined up wanting the car, Keith was also a big help in dealing with the banks. The whole process took less than two weeks and my lease is gone and a new Lessor is cruising away happy.

I really never heard of such a thing like Swapalease. I had to get out of my lease and in 3 weeks, found a buyer and its done already!! When I called, they guided me through the whole transaction, Thank you!!

After I signed up with Swapalease my 2012 Volkswagen in 3 days it was sold and in total I received about 30 calls. Definitely a worthwhile service¡
- M. Golin

Swap-a-lease has been awesome, I have had TONS of interest on my car, I hope this works out.
Tracey Passuello

I had a terrific experience working with Lisa F. the transaction was very smooth and I'm very pleased.

Great service and it worked! Honestly, I was very skeptical but once I got a phone call from Nick W. (assigned account manager) I realized that my car was in good hands. I called him many times, sent many emails and he always helped me even though some questions were stupid :) The lease transfer was done during several weeks and was smooth. I will use SwapaLease again if needed.

I think Swapalease is the best. I use it all the time to exit my leases. So far 3 times in the last 2 years.

I wanted to let you know that the lease transfer for my Cadillac SRX was finalized last week. The new owner is thrilled with the vehicle and I’m thrilled that I’m not making any more payments on it. You were right, it did just take a little time. Thanks again! Tracey L.

"I think may be the answer to my prayers."
-E. A.

Swapalease fast and easy to use. Found someone to take over my lease in no time! Definitely be using swapalease again in the near future. - WT

Swapalease was fantastic!! I lost my job & could not afford my 2010 Toyota RAV4 payment. Everyone at Swapalease were really friendly & helpful. I had my lease transferred to a wonderful person who lives in Spokane, Washington. It was completed in one month. I am so happy I chose Swapalease! Thanks again! D. Ross

We were very skeptical about signing up with this company and had no hope that we will find an interested party to take over our lease. After a month we started getting inquiries about the car and found our lessee, a great couple from San Diego. The transaction was smooth and painless and the lease is transferred. Swapalease is a great concept. Next time we want to lease a car it will definitely be from them. Our Lease Transfer Specialist was Mr. Noli H. Professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant.

Swapalease is a great service. It's easy to use, and the messaging system (and app) for communicating with potential buyers is simple and convenient. Swapalease personnel were helpful each time I called and my rep (Vernon) was extremely communicative and detailed throughout the process from me scoping out the service to answering my initial questions, and guiding me through the final transfer process. I highly recommend Swapalease for anyone trying to exit their lease early. You can succeed using this platform.

Amazing experience. My representative was Tim J. he was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions usually within an hour. He was able to assist me in finally getting rid of my Nissan which was costing me hundreds every month. I was hesitant at first to pay for the ad since I was nervous I wouldn't get a response. However, as soon as he posted my ad I was immediately getting calls and emails from people interested in taking over my car lease. Thanks Tim for all your help.

Mike C. was our sales person and he was extremely professional! The ease of working with him was a breath of fresh air for once. It's very hard to find ppl that you can count on. Every question or concern was immediately addressed. It was truly our pleasure to work with Mike...thank you!!!

I took over a BMW lease 2 years ago & loved it. Just now leased my LEXUS to some lucky client. Marc B. is amazing who walked me walk through the listing process and helped marketing it properly. It took me 2 months from listing to transfer the vehicle. I am now looking for a new lease to take over - it so much fun, least to say that I love this site. Thanks, Marc!!

5 stars all the way! This was my second "swap" with Swapalease and once again they did not disappoint. Lisa F. was my rep and she was excellent! She helped me spruce up my ad, answered every question I had right away and she was super easy to get ahold of. Loved her quick response times and her suggestions on how to respond to people interested in my car. She checked in with me on a regular basis too just to see how things were coming along. I felt very protected and reassured knowing only serious inquiries could contact me. My lease swap was initiated just a few weeks after my car was posted. So fast and I'm happy I used this company once again. Worth EVERY penny! They are the BEST!! On a side note, I just read a recent review of 0 stars which is way off base...... @[someone on yelp that wrote a low star review] a seller I appreciated only being contacted by people that had to pay a fee to join Swapalease. I felt it protected my personal information knowing people were willing to pay to join before that information was released. These club members prove to be the interested buyers. I had 14 people that contacted me in ONE week all who paid the fee to join swap a lease and I'm happy I paid the fee to post my car and I felt it got the exposure it needed from SERIOUS buyers. People who do not pay the Swapalease fee DO have ways to contact you...well you are wrong there! I had plenty of people who contacted me that way but none of them were the SERIOUS buyers. This is not a scam by any means, it is a very very successful business. The fees are well in line, especially if you want to get out of a lease they are minimal compared to holding a car and making the payments.

I ultimately did not move forward with Swapalease because a family member decided to take mine over, but I still wanted to leave a review because I had a great experience working with Tim J. He patiently walked me through all the details of the service and answered all of my (many) questions. He was not a pushy salesperson which I really appreciated. It's rare that you experience such stellar customer service!

Best web site I have ever worked with. Everything went very smoothly, no problems. I sold the car the very first day. Mark
- M. Laskowski

Listed my car on Swapalease but didn't really expect much interest. Boy was I wrong! Within 2 months I had about 8 serious inquiries. The 3rd person was fully vetted by my leasing company and the car was officially given to him. Instead of paying $5000+ to terminate the lease the small fee for Swapalease did the job in record time. My contact Amy T was patient and professional during the process and answered all my endless questions always reassuring me that all would be ok. Highly recommend Swapalease service and Amy T. to get the job done!!

I signed up/posted my car on Swapalease in October 2017. Jessica R. was my point of contact and she was extremely helpful during the entire process. Always responsive, making sure the pictures I wanted were posted, helping me add incentives when needed, giving me advice, etc. It took a few more months than expected to get rid of the car, but it ended up working out. This is a great site to use, as it is trustworthy and really lets you handle the process on your own. You are able to chat with whomever reaches out to you, so you don't have to go through different parties.

I would use you guys again. I was able to sell my car in just one day. Tina - Rochester, New York

I had a great experience with Swapalease. Marc B. was super helpful and guided me through the whole process. I was able to get out of my Mustang lease within 6 weeks. I highly recommend this site if you want to get out of your lease sooner or if you are looking for a great lease deal.

I just wanted to say thank you to Nick W. at Swapalease. I have never done this before and he made me feel comfortable and helped me step by step all the way through the process. I recommend him if you ever need to get out of your lease. After I posted it took no time at all to sell my lease. Hands down to Nick. He is the best at what he does.