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Lisa F. was awesome to work with. She has my been client advisor for the last three transfers. I appreciate her quick responses and friendly attitude.

This is my seventh experience using Swapalease. Each time, I have been assisted by Noli H. He is efficient and professional and very accommodating. Swapalease provides a seamless and hassle-free way to exit a Lease. I recommend the reasonably priced full exposure ad to move the vehicle quickly. There is no time limit for the one-time fee and the vehicle ad remains prominent until the lease is assumed. Unlike other companies, SAL only charges one fee to the listing person and there is no commission to SAL following the sale. I highly recommend SAL over the other companies.

I was in a situation where I had to get rid of my lease because I was moving to NYC (where I didn't need a car) from LA. This was a new and very unfamiliar process but Lisa F. was extremely helpful in walking me through the process multiple times, answering my questions on a daily basis and overall making my experience with SwapALease better than my skeptical expectation (not knowing anything about this program). Once I posted it took about a month from the beginning to the end where the lease was no longer in my name. The program connects you with a buyer. Then you coordinate everything with the buyer from seeing the car in person, etc if necessary to negotiations of lease transfer (with the help of your financial institution). Overall, if I had to go through the experience again I would definitely work through Lisa as she made it very seamless and relatively quick to get it done. She's also super sweet!

Don't lease a car for your girlfriend without her seeing it first! But since I did and she didn't like it I was lucky enough to have had a friend recommend Swapalease. From the minute, I got on the phone with Gail everything was simplified she took charge and all I had to do was give her the info and some pics. From the moment it went live the emails came flooding in, then the phone calls. I had a deal in 2 days, that deal fell through not because of Swapalease but because the applicant could not make it happen with the bank. That took almost a week the minute that applicant was disqualified I had a deal because there were so many people lined up wanting the car, Keith was also a big help in dealing with the banks. The whole process took less than two weeks and my lease is gone and a new Lessor is cruising away happy.

I never in a million years would have thought I'd get as much activity on my lease as I did. Now it still took a couple months and a few different tire kickers until the right person came along but they definitely helped me get rid of my lease. At least you know you are going through a legit company with serious buyers. I tried to get rid of this myself on social media and all I got were people who couldn't pass a credit check. It was worth the money I had to pay out. To my rep Carissa H. and all the other employees at Swapalease, great job and thank you!

It only took me 3 weeks to find a buyer thru your website. The buyer was here locally in Austin. I appreciate everything you did for me. M. Hammonds

Working with Swapalease was extremely easy! Amy T. at Swapalease was able to get my car on Swapalease and the lease sold in 24 hours! I thought I would not be able to get out of my lease earlier without some painful paperwork but Amy was great walking me through the whole process. I would definitely use them again!!

Just completing the transfer of a mini cooper lease. The process has been smooth and the program at swap a lease made it possible. thank you ! J.F.
- J. Fine

Mike C. was our sales person and he was extremely professional! The ease of working with him was a breath of fresh air for once. It's very hard to find ppl that you can count on. Every question or concern was immediately addressed. It was truly our pleasure to work with Mike...thank you!!!

Great team of people to work with, I was able to find a buyer within 2 months of listing my vehicle, within the 3rd month all the transfer papers completed. This program works! Thank you Swapalease!!
- G. Martin

This was my first time using Swapalease and really enjoyed the process, Mike C. helped very quickly with every question I had. He knows the process inside and out. I will surely use the service again.

Cherie H. was extremely patient, professional and helpful with helping me to list my vehicle and understand best practices. I was able to get out of my lease just in time for the holidays!!

I took over a BMW lease 2 years ago & loved it. Just now leased my LEXUS to some lucky client. Marc B. is amazing who walked me walk through the listing process and helped marketing it properly. It took me 2 months from listing to transfer the vehicle. I am now looking for a new lease to take over - it so much fun, least to say that I love this site. Thanks, Marc!!

First time using and was I was lucky enough to get a great advisor in Tim J. He worked with me closely to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible. Really thankful for his hard work and assistance in this endeavor.

I needed to end my lease due to unforeseen personal conditions, so I thought I'd give Swapalease a try to help me. I was assigned to Kathie M. as my leasing specialist. And I was truly fortunate because Kathie was the most understanding, thoughtful, and wonderful to work with to set my vehicle up for sale. She also speedily made many changes along the way to help ensure a sale. All in all, I'm very impressed and enjoyed working with Kathie and Swapalease. Don't think twice and just trust them, they're good people and will help take the stress out of your situation.

My 335d BMW was leased today! Got a response within 7 days. Want to thank you for your persistence to 'make the sale' and encourage me to go with Swap A Lease first.I will highly recommend your firm. Thanks again and great job!! J. Bell

I had a great experience with Swapalease moving my car. I would suggest offering an incentive of the GM Financial [Transfer and Credit App Fees] right away. My activity and inquiries increased dramatically after I offered the incentive. Ron B. did a good job helping me and I would recommend him.

The whole process was so easy, my account rep Noli H. was the best my BMW lease was taken over in about six weeks. Thank you Noli for everything. Sincerely, Steve G.

Great company and easy to work with. Jessica R. was ALWAYS available for any questions of help I needed. Highly recommend!

I used SAL to find a new owner for my Volvo. It is a great program. It took about 45 days to find a new owner. The SAL people were excellent and I accomplished the transfer easily. Would use SAL again if the circumstances were there.
- S. Rosenwasser

I've worked with Marc B. in Swapalease to list 2 vehicles within a couple of months. The first vehicle was gone in less than a week (BMW X5) and the 2nd vehicle was a breeze to list because Marc set me up with the same discount and took care of the pictures. I just had to pay the fee and reply to his email with my pictures. Great service and quick results. Don't mind paying the fee to transfer a lease with these guys.

"It did not take long at all...I was very happy!!"
-M. Foster

Found Swapalease to be professional and available anytime for questions. Highly recommended and a job well done.....
- J. Benvengo

I sold my 2010 BMW 535i. Swapalease found a buyer for me. Thank you! You fulfilled your end of the bargain. The process was very quick and easy and from the time I signed up it took just over 30 days. I will certainly suggest SAL to anyone that may be looking to transfer a lease. D. Webb

I worked with Danielle R. who is an account manager for Swapalease and she was amazing and supportive during the whole process. From the time I registered and began advertising to the final sale of my car, Danielle was easily accessible via phone or email.

Desperate to get out of my lease I googled it and found Swapalease. I called in December and spoke to Representative Carissa H. who was the most helpful individual ever! She explained how the program worked talked me through every step answered every email and phone call right up until the car is pending! In just 4 months. Thank You.

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

Great service and it worked! Honestly, I was very skeptical but once I got a phone call from Nick W. (assigned account manager) I realized that my car was in good hands. I called him many times, sent many emails and he always helped me even though some questions were stupid :) The lease transfer was done during several weeks and was smooth. I will use SwapaLease again if needed.

I decided to swap my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and happen to be given a call from Kassie Z. at Swapalease. In a word she was great, I found her informative and accurate. Thank you for the great advice and guidance Kassie. My only complaint was I didn’t always find other customer service personnel to be as helpful or clear with the information they provided. All in all the Kassie made the experience worthy of repeats.

I really never heard of such a thing like Swapalease. I had to get out of my lease and in 3 weeks, found a buyer and its done already!! When I called, they guided me through the whole transaction, Thank you!!