No Script More Women Now Prefer To Negotiate Over Men in Key Areas



More Women Now Prefer To Negotiate Over Men in Key Areas

When it comes to negotiating with a car dealer, what’s the comfort level of men and women?, the nation’s largest online car lease marketplace, was interested to take the pulse of car shoppers around the country. According to their findings, women are now warming up to the negotiation process.

An online survey was presented to more than 1,000 drivers across the country from July 15 – August 10, 2014. The survey was intended to identify a variety of areas associated with the act of negotiating for a car purchase or lease. has conducted a series of surveys and studies in 2014 to take a deeper look into the world of auto finance processes. The company most recently unveiled a side-by-side comparison of the costs and savings involved on a 72-month loan versus similar leasing options.

Full Survey Results:

1: Do you like to negotiate buying or leasing a car with the dealer?
Answer Women Men
Love it, makes it a fun process33.3%25.1%
It is a necessary evil12.3%31.0%
Won’t do it; have found ways to eliminate negotiation10.5%31.0%
Have learned to do it, but really don’t like it17.5%22.7%
Feel like I need to take a shower after8.8%3.9%
Like to have someone else do it for me17.5%7.4%
2: When shopping for a car how much do you try and negotiate off the MSRP?
Answer Women Men
$2000 or more63.8%81.3%
I typically do not negotiate the price of a vehicle12.1%5.9%
3: Why is negotiating a difficult process when car shopping?
Answer Women Men
I’m not sure where to start the negotiation process14.0%19.2%
I lack the proper confidence15.8%5.6%
I’m not sure what a good/fair price should be36.8%24.2%
I feel like the dealer will always win36.8%31.8%
I always feel like taking a shower after visiting a car dealer15.8%20.2%
I just don’t have the time or energy to spend on negotiating21.1%20.2%
4: What’s your best negotiation tactic?
Answer Women Men
Always walk out on the dealer6.9%9.9%
Always try to first focus on the monthly payment I’m comfortable with22.4%8.9%
Force the dealer to make the first move on price3.5%9.9%
Let someone else do the negotiations10.3%4.9%
Have lots of information that I have researched53.5%60.6%
5: If car shopping did NOT involve negotiating, you would...
Answer Women Men
Be happy to pay the MSRP and be done with it22.6%13.5%
Be happy to pay a little more as long as I don’t have to negotiate anything5.7%10.7%
Be upset I never had the chance to negotiate on the price30.2%37.6%
Feel like the dealer was taking me for a ride41.5%38.2%
6: What do you try to negotiate during the car shopping process?
Answer Women Men
Price of vehicle89.7%86.3%
Financing terms 48.3%46.6%
Car features/options39.7%39.7%
Maintenance programs34.5%31.4%
7: What would help you be a better negotiator at the dealership?
Answer Women Men
More knowledge on what’s a good price47.4%58.8%
Having access to the contract options sooner in the process29.8%26.5%
A better understanding of what IS negotiable43.9%41.7%
The ability to negotiate over text, email or the phone rather than in person38.6%31.4%
Comparison information across makes/models47.4%35.3%
Comparison information across dealers in my markets54.4%53.4%