No Script The Best Trucks & SUVs For “Glamping”

Categories Announces The Best Trucks & SUVs for “Glamping”

Users Voted on What They Believe are the Most Comfortable Vehicles for Glamorous Camping

Cincinnati, OH (July 25, 2018), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, today announced their selections on the “best trucks and SUVs for glamping.” Swapalease collected data from users in top travel markets on which vehicles they believe are most comfortable for luxurious camping. New model leased vehicles provide top technology features and extra comfort. Swapalease users want to experience the best elements of nature, without leaving behind the comforts and conveniences of home.

The top vehicles for glamping as voted on by Swapalease users are as follows:

California: Land Rover Range Rover- Swapalease users in California voted that the Land Rover Range Rover is the perfect vehicle for glamping due to its level of comfort. The seats offer power recline, heated calf-rests and footrests as well as a hot stone massage feature. The Range Rover boasts cooled cup holders and a refrigerated front rear console.

Texas: Chevrolet Silverado- Texas users said that the Chevrolet Silverado is the ideal vehicle for glamping in Texas due to its storage capabilities, extra space, longer cabin, and wider bed for stargazing. The Silverado includes built-in tie-downs for setting up camp in the bed as well as 120-volt outlet power for accessories.

Arizona: Jeep Grand Cherokee- The Jeep Grand Cherokee was selected by Arizona users for its ease-of-travel and rugged terrain performance capabilities. The Grand Cherokee includes a panoramic sunroof, and folding seats ideal for sleeping in the cabin, or storing larger glamping-trip extras such as bikes or hiking gear.

Colorado: Ford Expedition- Swapalease users in Colorado voted that the Ford Expedition was their vehicle of choice for trips that require a longer drive time. The expedition is known for its adaptive cruise control, drive time reminders, smart windshield wipers, and Apple Car Play/ Wi-Fi capabilities.

Washington: GMC Terrain- Washington users selected the GMC Terrain as their vehicle of choice for glamping trips. The GMC Terrain is known for its navigation techniques that are compatible with almost all devices whether they be Apple or Android.

“We have seen an increase in customers searching for leases that have practical capabilities, but also fit their changing lifestyle needs,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of Operations at “Our customers know that they can have every feature they desire through leasing, rather than having to compromise on luxuries or practicality due to budget restrictions.”