No Script Majority of Car Shoppers Interested in 12-month Lease Offers From Dealers


MAJORITY OF CAR SHOPPERS & DRIVERS INTERESTED IN 12-MONTH LEASE OFFERS FROM DEALERS Survey Inspired by Uber's Decision to Offer 30-Day Leases to Drivers

Cincinnati, OH (August 15, 2016), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, unveiled new data today that show car shoppers are more interested in shorter-term lease options, compared with the traditional 36-month lease. An online survey presented to more than 2,500 drivers across the country shows that roughly 70% of those polled would like lease terms of 24 months or less as an option by their dealer.

The survey was conducted during the month of July, 2016, and was inspired in part by Uber's recent decision to lease cars to drivers in thirty-day increments. As many as 74% of those polled said a thirty-day lease is something they are either "maybe" or "absolutely" interested in. Only nine percent of those polled said they would not be interested in hearing about a short-term lease option from their dealer.

As far as types of vehicles go, men and women differ on the type of vehicle they would want to lease for twelve-month terms. The survey revealed that women would be more interested in leasing a Compact Car, Hybrid or Crossover during that time span, compared with men who indicated their interests to be in Premium Luxury or Sports Cars. In terms of specific brands, women prefer Nissan, Honda and Toyota for a short-term lease, while men indicated a strong preference for Cadillac in a thirty-day lease period.

"Short-term lease options are becoming more popular, and will eventually be part of what's offered at a dealership simply because of where consumer preferences now exist," said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of "From short-term mobile phone plans to pay-as-you-consume Netflix programming, consumers are now conditioned to tie larger investments in with their consumption habits, which may dictate the future of automobile shopping patterns and offers."