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Many NFL Fans Think "Collision Avoidance" is The Car Feature Reminding Most of Their Favorite Team

Cincinnati, OH (August 23, 2016), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, today announced results of its NFL & Cars Survey, where thousands of drivers across the country made predictions about their favorite NFL teams, and also paired up certain cars and features with their favorite teams. presented the online survey to more than 3,500 drivers across the country during July, 2016.

NFL relocation and expansion is on the minds of football experts. According to the survey, most women feel Mustangs, Challengers and Vipers would make the best "car" name for an NFL franchise, whereas most men said Teslas, Vipers and Mustangs. Additionally, when asked to describe which car feature reminds them most of their favorite NFL team, women said "Voice command" and "Blindspot monitoring", while men said "Collision avoidance" and "Vibration sensor notification".

Which NFL team reminds you of a car with a whiny belt?
Women: Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks
Men: Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots

Which NFL team reminds you of a driverless car?
Women: Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns
Men: Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, New York Jets

Which NFL team reminds you of a Tesla?
Women: Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers
Men: Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks

Which NFL team reminds you of a stolen car?
Women: Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders
Men: New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders

Which NFL team reminds you most of a Volkswagen?
Women: Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings
Men: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots

What is your favorite car feature?
Women: Blind spot monitoring, Large LCD touch display, Auto parallel park, Web radio
Men: Blind spot monitoring, Collision avoidance, Large LCD touch display, Driverless car

  • 48% of participants believe Tom Brady should have accepted his suspension a long time ago
  • 39% of women say safety is most important to them in a car; 37% of men say performance
  • Most women (11%) think Green Bay will win the Super Bowl; most men (18%) say New England