No Script Low Payment Chevy Cruze LT Leases



Cincinnati, OH (January 26, 2016), the nation’s first online marketplace for new auto lease deals, reports its lowest-ever lease deal offered entering January, with the Chevy Cruze LT starting at just $69 per month. The Nissan Sentra SV is also being offered at just $129 per month nine other vehicles are being offered for less than $200 per month.

While the majority of low lease prices are being offered on compact and midsize cars, a handful of small SUVs are also at the low end of the price spectrum. The Honda CR-V LX 2WD, Nissan Rogue S AWD and the Toyota RAV4 LE FWD are each being offered at $209 per month.

During November and December, when the Volkswagen scandal was still fresh on car shoppers’ minds, Volkswagen had several models available at low monthly prices. Entering January there are just two Volkswagen models offered at noticeably low prices: Jetta S at $219 per month and the Passat 1.8T Limited Edition at $329 per month.

Also of interest, only four of the fifteen lowest-priced lease deals are domestic (Chevy Cruze LT, Ford Fusion SE FWD, Ford Focus SE and Chevy Malibu LT). Chrysler’s lowest priced lease deal is on the 200 Limited offered at $229 per month.

Six luxury vehicles are currently offered for less than $400 per month, including the Acura ILX at $249 per month, the BMW 328i at $349 per month, and the Infiniti Q50 3.7 Premium at $369 per month.

“With the Chevy Cruze LT’s price of just $69 per month headlining January’s deals, it remains clear that dealers are opening up 2016 looking to remain aggressive with lease offers,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “It’s also noteworthy that there remains a nice mix of makes, models and segments that represent aggressive deals, not just small cars.