No Script Automotive Survey Reveals Characteristics of Republican And Democrat Drivers



More Republicans Say The Election Results Will Impact When/How They Shop for Their Next Vehicle

Cincinnati, OH (October 25, 2016), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, released results of its 2016 “Election & Cars” survey, revealing interesting findings that show the differences in how the two parties view aspects of automotive. Most Democrats said the election outcome would have no bearing on when they shop for their next car; however, a quarter of Republicans (25%) said it could. presented the online survey in front of 2,500 drivers across the U.S. during September. Of those, approximately 41% said they are registered Republicans, 27% Democrats. While 68% were male (32% female), the majority of survey takers (39%) said they were planning to vote for Donald Trump (36% for Hillary Clinton).

Which Cars Are Republican / Democrat

When asked which vehicle matches their personality type, most Democrats (and also women) named Tesla; most Republicans (and also men) named a Chevrolet Corvette.

Commitment Issues

When asked how long they typically keep their cars, both Republicans and Democrats said between 21-36 months. However, when filtered between genders, most women said longer than five years (32%); and most men said between 21-36 months (34%).

Where Are They Concerned

The majority of Democrat drivers (60%) said they’re most worried about high repair and/or maintenance costs when it comes to their car. Most Republican drivers (58%) cited escalating costs of cars and trucks as their biggest concern.

Volkswagen Scandal

The majority of both Republican and Democrat drivers both said Volkswagen should be ashamed of itself over the scandal. However, nearly 2-1 Democrats said they will never get another Volkswagen again; whereas more than twice as many Republicans said they wouldn’t want to fix the car’s issue. Interestingly enough, when analyzed by gender, most men (42%) said Volkswagen should be ashamed of itself, most women (36%) weren’t aware of any scandal associated with the brand.