No Script Strong Consumer Borrowing at Summers End Fuels Rise in Lease Applicants



Strong Consumer Borrowing at Summer’s End Fuels Rise in Lease Applicants

Cincinnati, OH (September 18, 2014), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports lease credit approvals during the month of August 85.7%, the highest monthly level of 2014 and besting July’s rate of 81.0%.

August now marks the second-straight month of lease credit approvals, and well above the 70% mark considered healthy on the marketplace. After dipping into a year-to-date average low of 64.5% in June, the annual tally is now up to 68.5%. The company believes a rise in SubPrime car shoppers have weighed down the credit approvals rate in 2014, as more shoppers in this credit profile have applied for a lease.

The last three months has proven to be a turnaround for the year, as 73.8% of applicants have been approved over that time.

A new appetite for consumer borrowing appears to be driving additional interest in car lease shopping. The Wall Street Journal reports that consumer borrowing rose in July. Outstanding nonrevolving credit, which includes car and student loans, rose at a 10.6% rate to $2.4 trillion according to the report.

“In addition to our data, these figures indicate that the American economy could see continued growth in the balance of 2014,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “As a result, we expect to see a continued rise in lease applicants in the marketplace. We will monitor the impact SubPrime customers have on the approval rate.” works to help SubPrime car shoppers elevate their credit profile through a program sponsored by Once these shoppers revitalize their credit they can re-enter the marketplace and reapply for a lease assumption.