No Script Highest Percentage of Monthly Credit Approvals Dating Back to 2013



Highest Percentage of Monthly Credit Approvals Dating Back to 2013

Cincinnati, OH (August 19, 2014), the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports lease credit approvals during the month of July were 81.0%, the highest monthly level of the year and reversing a trend that saw continuous decline since January.

Despite the high marks in July, attributes the growing number of credit declines in 2014 to a rising number of car lease shoppers with SubPrime credit profiles seeking to enter the leasing market. Different than financing, most SubPrime candidates will not qualify for a lease, nor lease takeover, from the bank overseeing the car’s payment schedule.

As a result even with July’s high numbers, the year-to-date approvals rate has fallen to 66.5% of all lease applicants, compared with a YTD rate of 75.6% in July of 2013. According to a recent report in The New York Times, 27% of all car loans today are considered SubPrime, an increase from 20% of the market during the recession (but still below a rate of 36% in 2006). works to help SubPrime car shoppers elevate their credit profile through a program sponsored by Once these shoppers revitalize their credit they can re-enter the marketplace and reapply for a lease assumption.

“Credit has always been the lifeblood of every lease program, and all lease companies in the marketplace adhere to their own guidelines,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “We will be taking a closer look at the number of SubPrime candidates that continue to shop in our marketplace, and will look to identify additional programs to help them become qualified lease candidates.”