No Script Toyota Corolla & Chevy Cruze Lease Drivers See Low Payments

Toyota Corolla & Chevy Cruze Lease Drivers See Low Payments

Lease prices for vehicles on the road showed a mixed bag in May according to listings recorded by national car leasing marketplace, Yesterday’s Experian Automotive Finance Report shows leasing at 27.5% and at the highest level since 2006. What are people currently paying on their leases?

  • Lease drivers of the Toyota Corolla ($234.05) and Chevy Cruze ($214.00) reported paying the lowest average monthly payments on their leases during May, compared to $220.49 and $242.56 a year ago, respectively.
  • The Honda Civic lease price averaged $244.55 p/m during May, a 20.9% drop compared to what drivers reported they were paying a year ago ($309.13).
  • For Mid-size Cars, the Nissan Altima ($343.41) and Honda Accord ($386.37) were among the lowest average lease payments recorded by drivers during May.
  • The Mercedes C-Class led entry-level luxury cars with average monthly payments at $482.16 during May, a drop of 5.7% from year ago levels ($511.14).

"Activity on the marketplace and numbers from Experian show that leasing has heated back up with a growing number of drivers taking advantage of lease contracts," said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of "Our monthly listings give a true reading of what people are currently paying for their leases on the road today."

Here is the complete price breakdown of what people are paying on today’s most popular leases, according to May data from

Vehicle Lease Payments

MakeModelMay-13Apr-131M ChgMay-1212M Chg
AudiA4 $495.54 $556.72-11.0%$454.269.1%
BMW3 Series $537.29 $569.09-5.6%$564.64-4.8%
BMWX5 $852.60 $848.890.4%$814.724.6%
CadillacCTS $468.39 $443.175.7%$522.39-10.3%
Chevrolet Cruze $214.00 $274.21-22.0%$242.56-11.8%
Chevrolet Volt $315.76 $384.86-18.0%N/AN/A
Ford Escape $375.51 $321.3316.9%$337.7011.2%
FordFocus $303.97 $266.8513.9%$276.509.9%
FordFusion $355.42 $347.022.4%$266.5533.3%
HondaAccord $386.37 $276.7339.6%$370.574.3%
HondaCivic $244.55 $268.38-8.9%$309.13-20.9%
InfinitiG37 $444.66 $519.50-14.4%$497.94-10.7%
JeepGrand Cherokee $523.10 $502.994.0%$388.0234.8%
LexusIS250 $471.87 $490.77-3.9%$558.06-15.4%
Mercedes-BenzC Class $482.16 $484.28-0.4%$511.14-5.7%
NissanAltima $343.41 $309.4211.0%$335.572.3%
ToyotaCamry $295.71 $281.465.1%$319.36-7.4%
ToyotaCorolla $234.05 $308.90-24.2%$220.496.1%
ToyotaPrius $412.54 $432.00-4.5%$361.9314.0%
VolkswagenJetta $316.51 $315.760.2%$309.552.2%