No Script Top Ten Lease Transfer Reasons

Top Ten Lease Transfer Reasons

Cincinnati, Ohio June 7, 2008 the World's Largest Lease Marketplace announces Top Ten Lease Transfer Reasons. The list was compiled using a two-tier approach based on user feedback. Results data was obtained directly from users through the web site as well as through employee user interaction, management noted.

  1. Financial concerns
  2. Lifestyle changes
  3. Want a new vehicle
  4. Mileage concerns
  5. No longer need vehicle
  6. Gas prices
  7. Family size
  8. Dislike their present vehicle
  9. Insurance costs
  10. Maintenance costs

Perhaps not surprisingly, employees routinely commented that "Gas Prices" is quickly moving up the ranks as a motivator for lessee's wishing to transfer. However, employees conceded that fuel costs are typically not the primary reason behind the decision to transfer. Michael Citron, a sales manager for summarized by saying, "I've spoke to thousands of clients over the years at Swapalease and I have definitely noticed an increase in gas price talk over the last several months, but it is still not the key rationale given."

Financial concerns, the top response incorporated a range of user feedback including, but not limited to mortgage related issues, loss of employment, and general budgetary concerns. Lifestyle changes remain a strong motive, as well indicated by runner up status. The most prevalent example provided by users was a growing family and the fact that their present vehicle will not be able to accommodate their needs in terms of people and gear hauling capacity. Interestingly, clients citing that they simply want a new vehicle as a basis for transferring a lease landed the third position despite frequent media reports indicating economic slowdown and downturns. is the world's largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer of facilitating lease transfers online as evidenced by the company's patented processes. Conceptualized in 1997 it has evolved into a leading automotive consumer online destination servicing all aspects of the automotive leasing lifecycle including education, research, pricing, acquisition and lease transfer. has been featured in stories by CNN, MSNBC, Time and the Wall Street Journal as well as cited by leading search engine provider, as an online marketing case study.

The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is privately held. For more information please call 866- SWAPNOW (866-792-7669).

Note to editors, Mr. Hall is available for interviews.

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