No Script Bush Bails Out The "Big Three"; Bails Out Consumers

Bush Bails out the "Big Three"; Bails out Consumers


U.S. President George Bush announced today that the "Big Three" automotive manufactures in the U.S. (Chrysler, General Motors, & Ford) will receive 17.4 Billion in bailout loans. Although the two of the "Big Three" just announced yesterday that they are closing their manufacturing facilities in excess of their typical holiday closures, this will bring the much need capital to help avoid total collapse of the U.S. auto industry and will hopefully save thousands of jobs throughout North America.

At the same time as Bush’s announcement to bailout the "Big Three", is announcing their own bailout package for the ordinary consumer. More specifically Swapalease’s bailout is designed to help automotive consumers stuck in a lease drop their leases without paying up to thousands in remaining payments and early termination fees. is offering all Canadian consumers a Free-Listing at their online lease take-over marketplace through the end of December for all new customers.

Swapalease is the world’s largest lease take-over marketplace and has been in business for nearly ten years helping thousands of consumers exit their leases early and save them thousands of dollars. Swapalease’s online lease take-over marketplace was created to allow buyers and sellers of automotive leases come together in a single location to offer the best vehicle leases available in Canada to any Canadian consumer looking for a vehicle.

In addition to helping consumers looking to exit their leases; is a great avenue for Canadian consumers in the market to buy/lease a vehicle. Swapalease offers the best deals in leases and purchases. The majority of the leases found at our site are posted by consumers looking to exit their lease which typically means they have already made a down payment for the new buyer and sometimes offer and additional incentive to assume their lease. Buyers can also take advantage of local dealers in Canada who are offering great deals on new and used vehicle purchases and leases.

Swapalease, which is a family owned business, understands the needs of the average Canadian automotive consumer and would like to show their appreciation and dedication to the automotive industry with this special offer.

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