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get out of your lease in 3 steps

Step 1: Check your eligibility

First step is to check the transfer requirements of your leasing company by going to the Transfer lease section. Most leases qualify for a transfer - all you need to do is enter your contact and vehicle lease information
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Step 2: Create listing

Assuming your vehicle is eligible to be transferred, you can create a detailed listing including all the specific vehicle features, remaining miles and months, the monthly payment, photos, and a detailed personal description of your vehicle.

Your listing will remain on the site as long as you still have your vehicle.

Step 3: Transfer lease

When one of the hundreds of thousands of customers who visit each month, is interested in your lease, our experts will help you complete the lease transfer process. Once the transfer documents provided by your leasing company are completed, you hand over the keys to the lease buyer and the transfer is complete.

Get started by checking your lease eligibility.

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