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I am leaving this review regarding my first-time experience with Swapalease. I was skeptical at first but they did exactly what they said. Carissa H. was very professional and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I am very satisfied and will use them again and highly recommend Carissa.

Swapalease.com was a success from the start. Within eight hours of my agent posting my ad, I had several inquiries. I was shocked. My agent walked me through the rest of the process and before I knew it I was out of my lease! SG
- S. Germansky

This was my first time using Swapalease and really enjoyed the process, Mike C. helped very quickly with every question I had. He knows the process inside and out. I will surely use the service again.

Working with Noli H. was a great experience, he was very helpful and always available. Would recommend him to everyone!

This is my seventh experience using Swapalease. Each time, I have been assisted by Noli H. He is efficient and professional and very accommodating. Swapalease provides a seamless and hassle-free way to exit a Lease. I recommend the reasonably priced full exposure ad to move the vehicle quickly. There is no time limit for the one-time fee and the vehicle ad remains prominent until the lease is assumed. Unlike other companies, SAL only charges one fee to the listing person and there is no commission to SAL following the sale. I highly recommend SAL over the other companies.

This is the fourth vehicle I have found a new buyer for using Swapalease. It's a service that really works, and Christina is always so easy to work with!!

I lost my job two months after renewing my car lease. I needed to release 30 years of a perpetual car payment. I did some research and found Swapalease. I spoke to a lovely gal named Jessica R. Jessica was kind and empathetic to my financial situation. She assisted me through the lease transfer process step by step. And also who to speak with at GM Financial (Lease assumption department). My car went onto Swapalease's website August 14 and my lease was officially transferred to the new leasee on September 19th. Basically One month. I'm so happy I contacted Swapalease. I highly recommend this company to anyone who may need assistance with a lease transfer. Thank you, Jessica!

Had a Great experience with Swapalease. Representative Michael C. ext 2002 was very personable and knowledgeable on all aspects of the lease transfer process. Within 24 hours of listing my car on the site, I had over 20 people interested in the car. What a response! Well worth the fee I paid. Very easy to use and a great result. Thank you Swapalease.

I would like to let you know that the lease was successfully transferred and the process worked really well. Thanks again...I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of a lease! -DB

Hey guys, this is my second time transferring over a lease in less than a month on Swapalease. This website is a great way to get out of your lease. Lisa F. was a very knowledgeable lady that told me exactly how to list my car for best exposure. She was very helpful and easy to work with. Thanks for the quick sell.

I was totally satisfied in your service, price and followup. J. Bailey

I had a great experience dealing with Swapalease. Marc B. was my account manager and he was terrific. Any questions, they were answered quickly, and Marc really made me feel comfortable with the process. The car was posted and within a few weeks, someone had already assumed my lease. Swapalease comes highly recommended, and ask for Marc B. You won't regret it.

Swapalease is a Godsend to get u in or out of a lease. I've been dealing with Swapalease for about 12 years I get all my vehicles through them I refuse to go to a dealer again! I get some pretty incredible deals and savings dealing with Swapalease by not going to the dealer I don't have to put any money up front to take over someone's lease it helps me and it helps them I dealt with Ron B. on the lease that I just got out of and he was fantastic it took me about 4 weeks to find a buyer and it got me out of my lease Swapalease is fantastic I just wish they would do more public advertising so more people would know about them. When you contact Swapalease their salespeople go right to work for you and they don't stop until you're satisfied and your vehicle is gone. Ron B. was great he posted the pictures for me help me with the wording in the advertisement he did me a great service thanks Ron for all your help!

I've worked with Marc B. in Swapalease to list 2 vehicles within a couple of months. The first vehicle was gone in less than a week (BMW X5) and the 2nd vehicle was a breeze to list because Marc set me up with the same discount and took care of the pictures. I just had to pay the fee and reply to his email with my pictures. Great service and quick results. Don't mind paying the fee to transfer a lease with these guys.

Had a great experience with Swaplease. They were very responsive in helping us to market and quickly list our x5, which was sold quickly. This was our first time using Swaplease and they made the process seamless. Would definitely work with Swaplease team again.

With a lot of patience and consistent communication, Jeff E. helped me to transfer my Lexus IS 250. Thank you for making the process a bit easier w/o affecting my credit and with a lot of professionalism and care. 5 stars to Swapalease & Jeff!

I signed up/posted my car on Swapalease in October 2017. Jessica R. was my point of contact and she was extremely helpful during the entire process. Always responsive, making sure the pictures I wanted were posted, helping me add incentives when needed, giving me advice, etc. It took a few more months than expected to get rid of the car, but it ended up working out. This is a great site to use, as it is trustworthy and really lets you handle the process on your own. You are able to chat with whomever reaches out to you, so you don't have to go through different parties.

You guys are without a doubt the best. What an enjoyable experience all around. Not only was I able to find someone to assume my lease, but the process took 3 1/2 weeks from the time I listed the car to the time I delivered it to the person who assumed the lease. This time frame was less than half of what I was told by swapalease.com, far exceeding my expectations! What's more is that I had six serious inquiries during this time frame. To sum up my experience with swapalese.com I can only say that I would give the company a 100% "RECOMMENDAITON WITHOUT RESERVATION"!!
- S. Weinberg

"This is a wonderful way to help people such as myself get out of leases at the earliest convenience. Keep up the good work."
-D. S.

"I think Swapalease.com may be the answer to my prayers."
-E. A.

Thank you! This was so fast and easy I will be telling all my friends and family to use it. Thanks for your help! D. Honor

My experience with Swapalease was wonderful. I'm extremely pleased with their service. From start to finish, they guided me along every step of the way. Carissa H. was very responsive and professional. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.

I had a great experience with Nick W. to transfer my lease. I found the person who ended up taking over my lease within minutes of listing the vehicle.

Swapalease is an amazing way to get out of your lease real quick. My listing agent "Nick W." is very responsive, helps me out in every way possible to get me in/out of a car lease. I don't have to think even once while getting into a new lease and having buyer's remorse. Would definitely recommend to all the people stuck with their long leases!!

Noli and Swapalease are the best. I Swapped 3 leases and Noli was very helpful. I highly recommend!!

5 stars all the way! This was my second "swap" with Swapalease and once again they did not disappoint. Lisa F. was my rep and she was excellent! She helped me spruce up my ad, answered every question I had right away and she was super easy to get ahold of. Loved her quick response times and her suggestions on how to respond to people interested in my car. She checked in with me on a regular basis too just to see how things were coming along. I felt very protected and reassured knowing only serious inquiries could contact me. My lease swap was initiated just a few weeks after my car was posted. So fast and I'm happy I used this company once again. Worth EVERY penny! They are the BEST!! On a side note, I just read a recent review of 0 stars which is way off base...... @[someone on yelp that wrote a low star review]...as a seller I appreciated only being contacted by people that had to pay a fee to join Swapalease. I felt it protected my personal information knowing people were willing to pay to join before that information was released. These club members prove to be the interested buyers. I had 14 people that contacted me in ONE week all who paid the fee to join swap a lease and I'm happy I paid the fee to post my car and I felt it got the exposure it needed from SERIOUS buyers. People who do not pay the Swapalease fee DO have ways to contact you...well you are wrong there! I had plenty of people who contacted me that way but none of them were the SERIOUS buyers. This is not a scam by any means, it is a very very successful business. The fees are well in line, especially if you want to get out of a lease they are minimal compared to holding a car and making the payments.

Swapalease and especially my contact Michael C. were fantastic... Very fast and easy way to get out of one car and into another. I will use them again.

I just wanted to say thank you to Nick W. at Swapalease. I have never done this before and he made me feel comfortable and helped me step by step all the way through the process. I recommend him if you ever need to get out of your lease. After I posted it took no time at all to sell my lease. Hands down to Nick. He is the best at what he does.

Easiest transaction I have ever done! WOW!! It was a amazing!

I am a very satisfied client of Lisa F. from Swapalease. I have recently been successful in completing a lease transfer upon my relocation from the USA. I must admit it took me awhile to understand that Swapalease is a mere advertising platform providing a space for buyers and sellers to meet. Lisa did go the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable in the process and was very responsive. Thank you Lisa.