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Carissa H. is the best! I never did Swapalease but would definitely be a repeat customer.

I was in a situation where I had to get rid of my lease because I was moving to NYC (where I didn't need a car) from LA. This was a new and very unfamiliar process but Lisa F. was extremely helpful in walking me through the process multiple times, answering my questions on a daily basis and overall making my experience with SwapALease better than my skeptical expectation (not knowing anything about this program). Once I posted it took about a month from the beginning to the end where the lease was no longer in my name. The program connects you with a buyer. Then you coordinate everything with the buyer from seeing the car in person, etc if necessary to negotiations of lease transfer (with the help of your financial institution). Overall, if I had to go through the experience again I would definitely work through Lisa as she made it very seamless and relatively quick to get it done. She's also super sweet!

The same day I contacted Lisa F. and she listed our Ford F150 I got 3 responses. I replied to the first one and we started the process immediately. I am happy to say everything came together and the truck was transferred and picked up with 6 weeks. My only regret is that I didn't contact Swapalease sooner. Thanks Palm Springs Ford for referring us to Swapalease. Thanks Lisa F. for posting my photos and managing my site for me. 100 percent satisfied!

I'm so glad I discovered Swapalease! The service provided by my account manager, Christina D. was awesome! She helped me through the entire process and was always very responsive to my emails and calls. Contact Christina if you want to get your lease taken over and she will do a fantastic job for you. Jack N.'s social media posts did the trick, they were amazing!

Noli and Swapalease are the best. I Swapped 3 leases and Noli was very helpful. I highly recommend!!

I just wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a lease swap on our BMW. We found our experience with Swapalease a great one and really appreciate your help.Thanks again for the great job you guys did.
Richard Lindenbaum

Great service! Special shout out to Danielle R. who was very helpful and responsive!

I had a great experience because of Lisa F.. She was though and made sure that I maximized my visibility on Swapalease. Do yourself a favor and call Lisa F. so you can get rid of your lease and painlessly. If you have questions, she knows a ton about the process. Highly recommended service and representative!!!

Tim was extremely helpful in getting my car lease swapped in a very short order of time. I am extremely pleased overall with Swapalease and would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone trying to get into or out of a vehicle lease.

Recently used SWAL for the 2nd time. Lisa F. was an ace to work with and no hiccups along the way. Exited a Mustang lease when there were many 'Stangs listed. Highly recommend SWAL and Lisa in particular.

Swapalease is an amazing way to get out of your lease real quick. My listing agent "Nick W." is very responsive, helps me out in every way possible to get me in/out of a car lease. I don't have to think even once while getting into a new lease and having buyer's remorse. Would definitely recommend to all the people stuck with their long leases!!

I used Swapalease and found the experience painless and productive. Lots of responses, especially if you have a luxury car and are about a year or so out. Lisa F. is excellent and I highly recommend you using her. Knows her stuff and will work you through everything. A pleased customer.

I wanted to let you know that the lease transfer for my Cadillac SRX was finalized last week. The new owner is thrilled with the vehicle and I’m thrilled that I’m not making any more payments on it. You were right, it did just take a little time. Thanks again! Tracey L.

I worked with Danielle R. who is an account manager for Swapalease and she was amazing and supportive during the whole process. From the time I registered and began advertising to the final sale of my car, Danielle was easily accessible via phone or email.

When I started in search for the best place to publish my lease, after all I ended up here. After a few hours I received a call from Lisa F., Senior Account Manager from Swapalease.com and she was the kindest person ever. She explained me everything from start to finish, she explain how to fill the papers, how to publish the car, a few tips for it, even how leasing companies work. I found a buyer in a few weeks and Swapalease.com agents help me with the process and questions I was still having. Very good experience. I would totally recommend this to anyone doing this for the first time like I was.
- E. Carrasco

Great service and it worked! Honestly, I was very skeptical but once I got a phone call from Nick W. (assigned account manager) I realized that my car was in good hands. I called him many times, sent many emails and he always helped me even though some questions were stupid :) The lease transfer was done during several weeks and was smooth. I will use SwapaLease again if needed.

Great team of people to work with, I was able to find a buyer within 2 months of listing my vehicle, within the 3rd month all the transfer papers completed. This program works! Thank you Swapalease!!
- G. Martin

This was the first time I used a service such as Swapalease and it was a positive experience. The Swapalease representative, Tony S. was incredibly helpful in explaining all aspects of their services. The website is easy to use and update. Anytime I had additional questions, the representative, Tony S. always promptly returned my emails and/or phone calls. Even better, I sold my car and probably could have sold it many times over. I had much interest in my listing which my representative gave me useful advice. I would definitely utilize the services in the future!

My experience with Swapalease and Carissa H. was super! It was incredibly easy and not only was Carissa great but so was the person with whom I assumed a lease. The whole experience was pleasant and stressfree!

Michael C. and Swapalease made this process very easy. From the beginning to the end, questions were answered, emails were replied to immediately and phone calls from followed up on. Within the first eight days of my listing, I had seven interested buyers that we are well-qualified and ready to move forward. It was amazing. Thank you Swapalease for making this process so easy.

I received a lot of hits on my vehicle. I recommend the website!

The WOW to me was how many " real" potential swappers called either the same day or the next morning. We actually swapped the car the morning after we placed the ad. Thanks again, Steve

My experience with Swapalease and Nick W. was great! The process was pretty easy and Nick always answered any questions I had either via phone or email. I was able to exit my lease within 60 days!

"I love your service. Listing my car here has given my ad more exposure than any local newspaper ever could! Your staff is pleasant and very helpful!"
-M. D.

Marc B., my Swapalease consultant, was outstanding and I sold my car in 30 days as he thought I would.

Working with Swapalease was extremely easy! Amy T. at Swapalease was able to get my car on Swapalease and the lease sold in 24 hours! I thought I would not be able to get out of my lease earlier without some painful paperwork but Amy was great walking me through the whole process. I would definitely use them again!!

I am leaving this review regarding my first-time experience with Swapalease. I was skeptical at first but they did exactly what they said. Carissa H. was very professional and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I am very satisfied and will use them again and highly recommend Carissa.

Swapalease.com is an awesome, seamless website. Staff are very friendly and professional. After two weeks my BMW was taken over. No problems, smooth process. This is a great service for sellers and buyers looking for a shorter term lease. Thanks Swapalease.com.
- M. Greenfield

I needed to end my lease due to unforeseen personal conditions, so I thought I'd give Swapalease a try to help me. I was assigned to Kathie M. as my leasing specialist. And I was truly fortunate because Kathie was the most understanding, thoughtful, and wonderful to work with to set my vehicle up for sale. She also speedily made many changes along the way to help ensure a sale. All in all, I'm very impressed and enjoyed working with Kathie and Swapalease. Don't think twice and just trust them, they're good people and will help take the stress out of your situation.

I had a great experience with Swapalease moving my car. I would suggest offering an incentive of the GM Financial [Transfer and Credit App Fees] right away. My activity and inquiries increased dramatically after I offered the incentive. Ron B. did a good job helping me and I would recommend him.