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With over $3 billion of vehicles listed, is the LARGEST automotive lease marketplace. Millions of buyers and sellers visit Swapalease each year to acquire, sell, and trade leased automobiles. The Swapalease marketplace is comprised of new and used leases, as well as existing leases that are available for assumption by another buyer. In addition to offering existing leased vehicles, Swapalease also offers a variety of ancillary services including credit reports, vehicle inspections, lease calculators, educational products, and logistics services to assist customer in the acquisition or sale of their vehicle. To date, Swapalease has transferred over $750 million of leased vehicles.


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Summer's hottest auto lease deals
posted on 6/29/2016 highlights growing selection of cars, trucks & SUVs offered under $299

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Lease credit approvals dip again after higher numbers last month.
posted on 6/16/2016
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Roughly 75% of dealers and consumers are ready for more lease options
posted on 5/31/2016

Dealers feel used leasing necessary to move glut of inventory

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Southern California drivers would pay $10-$20
posted on 5/18/2016
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Lease credit approvals mirroring broader consumer confidence trends
posted on 5/11/2016
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Growing number of trucks and SUVs now offered for monthly lease prices under $350
posted on 4/21/2016
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Lease credit approvals dip lower than expected in March
posted on 4/13/2016
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Analysis of drivers shows men are losing interest in manual transmissions faster than women
posted on 4/5/2016
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Lease Credit Approvals Adding to Increase in Lease Deals
posted on 3/23/2016
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Survey Finds Which Teams Resemble a Pickup Truck, Stolen Car, Classic Corvette & More
posted on 3/14/2016
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