Swap My Ride


Swap your ride using Swapalease, while avoiding the penalties charged by car leasing companies. Job relocation, the birth of a child or certain financial circumstances are all examples of why one would need to swap out of their car lease early. Swapalease not only assists clients in getting out of their lease, but also allows its customers to save thousands over expensive leasing company alternatives.

Consider the alternative to early lease termination. Through the Swapalease marketplace you can offer your vehicle to others through a car lease assumption. This means a credit qualified individual completes the remaining term of your car lease removing you from the financial responsibility and saving you from possible future credit problems of car lease early termination in the event you are unable to pay the costs associated with the early lease termination. The person who swaps into your ride wins from being able to obtain a short-term lease with little in upfront costs, and you win by fulfilling your car lease obligation without an early lease termination.

Getting out of your lease has never been easier!

Swap My Ride, Get out of your lease with no penalties, and our leasing experts will assist you in finding interested buyers for your lease.

  • Exit your lease without expensive termination fees.
  • Easily access and communicate with qualified buyers.
  • Walk away lease FREE!

About Swapalease.com:
Swapalease is both the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace as well as the pioneer of facilitating lease transfers online. If you are in the market for leasing a vehicle or exiting your lease early, Swapalease can help.

Millions of buyers and sellers visit Swapalease each year to acquire, sell, and trade automobiles.  The Swapalease marketplace is comprised of existing leases available for transfer by another individual, as well as new and pre-owned lease offerings.  Most automotive lease contracts permit leases to be transferred ultimately saving consumers thousands of dollars.

Please contact one of our automotive lease specialists today at 1-866-SWAPNOW (1-866-792-7669) and begin or end your vehicle lease.