UCLA is the Favorite Team Among Drivers; Which Schools Resemble a Tesla, Fiat, Driverless Car & More

Cincinnati, OH (March 13, 2017)

The annual March Madness Driver Survey results are in, and most drivers believe Duke will win this year’s tournament, while most say UCLA is their favorite team. The annual survey by online car lease marketplace,, asks basketball fans to pair up their favorite teams with certain types of cars to coincide with the NCAA tournament. The online survey is presented to more than 2,500 drivers across the U.S. each year. Click here to see the full results of the survey.

Automobile Survey Notables

  • Most survey takers said the Tesla S would be their choice for Car of the Year (37%); followed by BMW 5 (23%), Audi A5 (21%), Chevrolet Corvette (18%), and Volvo XC90 (14%).
  • Cincinnati (9%) is the team that reminds most people of a Fiat.
  • Duke (14%) reminds most people of a Tesla.
  • Duke (13%) also reminds most people of a driverless car (especially since their coach was out for part of the season).
  • Miami (9%) reminds most people of a stolen car.
  • Favorite three vehicle features are: Blind spot monitoring (56%); Collision avoidance (41%); and Large LCD touch pad control displays (32%).
  • Vehicle performance (38%) is the top characteristic this year; however it grew in importance from last year when it ranked 30%.
  • Safety was the second characteristic at 16%; however this actually lost ground from last year when it ranked 23%.

Other Basketball Notables

  • 13% of women polled said they would spend between $20 - $25 on their bracket pool; compared with 18% of men who said similar.
  • Both genders said they plan on spending an average of $19.75 on their bracket pool this year.
  • Nearly twice as many women (27%) than men (15%) believe Tom Izzo from Michigan State is the best basketball coach; Both genders, however, gave the largest votes to Mike Krzyzewski of Duke. conducts its annual NCAA Tournament and drivers survey each year as a way to take the pulse of how drivers feel about their favorite teams. The online car lease marketplace matches a person wanting out of their lease contract with an individual looking to take over a short-term lease contract, or what’s remaining on the original lease. Click here to see the full results of the survey.