How It Works for Sellers


The first step is to list your vehicle on via the "Exit Your Lease!" section of the homepage.
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Once you have entered your vehicle and contact information, you will be asked to select a listing package and make payment. Please note that various listing packages are available at different price points, so please contact us toll free at (866) 792 7669 for more information.

Your listing is valid for as long as necessary!

Thereafter, your vehicle listing is "active" and available to millions of Buyers who visit Swapalease every year.

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You can monitor the activity on your Swapalease ad at any time in the Account Management area by logging in as a Registered User from the homepage.

The Account Management section allows you to monitor the number of "hits" on your ad, extend or edit the vehicle listing, and contact serious buyers.
You will also have access to both SwapGarage, which will assist in enhancing your vehicle listing and optimizing your vehicle's exposure to Buyers, and SwapAdvisor, which will answer any specific questions that you have about selling your vehicle.
In addition, you will be provided with a "mailbox" to which buyer inquiries about your vehicle will be forwarded.

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When a serious buyer registers with Swapalease, you will be notified by email. Included in the email is the buyer's name, phone and email address. It is important to check your Swapalease mailbox on a regular basis. You may also hear from interested buyers via telephone. Once you find an interested Buyer, the next step is to initiate the transfer using your Account Management area. The transfer initiation process includes a credit check for the potential Buyer, which will determine whether the Buyer is eligible to assume your lease.

During this time, you and the Buyer should also discuss the transfer details. It is important to consider the details, such as whether shipping and/or vehicle inspections will be required and if any buyer incentives will be necessary.

Exit Your Lease


Once the Buyer's credit has been approved and you have agreed to make a transfer, Swapalease will guide you through the process with your leasing company. Swapalease guides you through the entire lease transfer process. You simply provide the information, sign the documents and pay applicable leasing company fees**, and turn over the vehicle.

Upon signing off on the paperwork and handing over the keys to your vehicle, the process is complete!

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