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As a new car franchised dealer it is important to understand that leasing offers many benefits to automotive consumers while at the same time is good for your business.

Benefits of leasing for automotive consumers:
  • Lower monthly payments for more car
  • Driving a vehicle under warranty offering peace of mind
  • Shorter terms to address changing future automotive needs
  • Ability to take advantage of new technological and safety features sooner
Benefits of leasing for automotive dealers:
  • Sell (via leasing) cars to your clients more frequently
  • Focus on monthly payments as opposed to transaction price
  • Clients under warranty have less repair anxiety creating higher satisfaction
  • Steady stream of off-lease vehicles for your pre-owned inventory

New car buyers appreciate the greater flexibility permitted by leasing vehicles. Dealers understand that leasing offers many benefits to their clients and reduces the average sales cycle equating to more sales.

What if you could offer your new car clients even greater flexibility while at the same time increasing the frequency they can get into a new vehicle?

You can do just that with!

Do you have clients right now that want new vehicles and the only thing stopping them is that you cannot cost effectively get them out of their current lease?

If so send them to to transfer their lease and free them up to get that new vehicle from you now!

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Leasing means making more money by selling payments and cycling clients back into your showroom faster!

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I highly recommend for providing my 2 dealerships with quality new lease buyers. They have a very effective program that generates multiple sales each month and is well worth the investment! They have also provided us with, discount coupons, for our customers that are up-side down. With their assistance, our customers are able to list their previous lease, so we can provide them with a new one.

Overall, I am very pleased with the traffic and the amount of sales we are receiving, in both Nissan and Volkswagen.

Brandon Giordano
East Coast Auto Mall