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How It Works - Lease Buyers

STEP 1 - Search

The first step is to search through the thousands of vehicles available on Swapalease.com in an effort to find a vehicle that meets your needs. You can search by Year, Make, Model, Payment, Location, and/or Months Remaining to name just some of the different search options you may utilize.

You can then ask questions about the vehicle by anonymously emailing the seller via the "More Info" option. More specific questions can be asked upon registering as a buyer (see next section).

STEP 2 - Register

Once you find a vehicle of interest, the next step is to fully register as a Buyer with Swapalease. You can register directly from the vehicle listing page or from several other areas on the site including the homepage. After registering, you will gain access to seller contact information (email and telephone).

The cost for a Buyer Registration is $74.95. This fee includes access to seller contact information, buyer Swap Garage privileges permitting clients to manage their accounts online, and unlimited customer support from Swapalease.com.

STEP 3 - Apply

After an agreement has been reached to move forward with the lease transfer process the selling party will officially initiate the transfer with Swapalease.com. At this time a credit check will be performed by the leasing company who holds the lease to evaluate the buyer’s credit worthiness. The credit approval process will vary from leasing company to leasing company and Swapalease.com will help ensure this step is completed correctly.

During this time, you and the seller should discuss the details of the transfer such as delivery and/or shipping, inspection of the vehicle, and how potential incentives will be handled.

STEP 4 - Transfer

Once your credit has been approved the leasing company will forward lease transfer documents that need to be signed by both you and the selling party to officially complete the process. Again the details will vary slightly from leasing company to leasing company and Swapalease.com will be available to assist you in properly completing the transaction.


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