No Script Survey Finds Which Teams Resemble a Pickup Truck, Stolen Car, Classic Corvette & More



Cincinnati, OH (March 15, 2016)

Which NCAA basketball team reminds fans of a Tesla? Or of a pickup truck? A new survey by car lease marketplace,, asked basketball fans to pair up their favorite teams with certain types of cars to coincide with the NCAA tournament. The online survey, presented to more than 2,500 drivers across the U.S., found that most women think Michigan State will win the NCAA championship; Kentucky for men.

When polled separately, both men and women think Tesla should be “Car of the Year”. Interestingly enough, they both also think the California Golden Bears’ basketball team reminds them most of a Tesla. Here are additional findings from the survey:

  • Most men think the Texas Longhorns reminds them most of a pickup truck; Kentucky for women.
  • Most women think Cincinnati reminds them of a “Dodge with too many miles on it”; Notre Dame for men.
  • Most men and women think Duke reminds them of a classic Corvette.
  • Most men and women think Miami reminds them of a stolen car.

Men and women had interesting, almost contradictory comments when it comes to favorite features and overall car characteristics. Women are most excited about features such as internal vehicle wifi (28.9%) and text messaging assistance (22.2%), yet feel safety (40%) is the most important characteristic of a car. Men are most excited about blind spot monitoring (55.6%) and collision avoidance (43.1%), yet feel performance (32.9%) is the most important characteristic of a car.