No Script Want someone to take over your car payment?

Want someone to take over your car payment?

Sometimes, your eyes can be bigger than your future. That large SUV or luxury car that you signed a contract for months or even years ago may not have been a strain on your monthly budget; however, your situation can change.

Do you need to get out of an existing car lease? You can do a lease transfer to transfer an auto lease to another creditworthy individual, saving you the penalties and fees that generally come with an early car lease termination. No matter what the circumstances, you can transfer a lease early or swap a contract with another willing individual. The lease transfer is fast becoming a popular way that smart people lease vehicles, as it’s a win-win for both parties.

At Swapalease, assisting people with an auto lease transfer is a daily part of our business. If you desire to do a lease transfer or swap a lease, we can help you with the process, saving you thousands of dollars over normal early lease termination.

Before we talk about how easy this is, let’s talk about the other type of situation you may find yourself in, which is looking for someone to take over car payments if you have a conventional auto loan.

Can Someone Assume My Car Loan?


Now that the bad news is out of the way let us explain. While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of automobile loans aren’t transferable to someone else, and in the rare cases that they are, the person assuming the loan will most likely be making different payments than you.

This is because someone else assuming your loan can be better described as “Someone taking out a new loan on your vehicle,” which means that the new person’s credit will decide the terms of their loan, not the original loan amount.

Yes, they’ll have to go through the entire approval process, including a credit check, before they can be approved to take over your car loan.

Usually, though, a lender won’t be open to this type of arrangement. At that point, you might be tempted to handle things yourself with a “gentleman’s agreement” between you and the person assuming your payments.

This may sound like a loophole, but it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. If that person doesn’t make payments, guess who will still be on the hook for the amount owed to the lender? That’s right; no matter what private agreement you’ve entered, the lender will always hold you responsible for all payments on the vehicle.

If you plan to arrange for someone to assume your payments, the only thing to do is to go through the proper steps, which can be a lengthy, involved process.

Can Someone Take Over My Car Lease?

Fortunately, this question has a better answer, which is “Usually, YES!”

While there are still various things that must be done, transferring an auto lease from yourself to another party is a definite possibility. Also, when doing this, you can wind up saving yourself thousands of dollars.

The good news is that, once we help you through the process, you’re no longer liable in any way for your lease or the vehicle in most cases..

With a Car Lease Transfer, our lease experts will show you how to:


Save money over early lease termination


Transfer a lease to a credit-worthy buyer


Help you find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle

Can I Do This Myself?

Swapalease knows the “ins and outs” of lease swapping and knows the best way to save you the maximum amount of money when transferring a lease, when you’re looking for someone to assume your current contract.

We know exactly how to make swapping a lease as painless, simple and cost-effective as it can be. With our experience, we can guide you through this process and help you get exactly the outcome you deserve.

Many different parts of the process must be dealt with properly, and some things can be done during that process to not only make it easier but can also save you more money. Using an expert like Swapalease can mean the difference between losing money or making money while transferring your lease.


Swapalease is both the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace as well as the pioneer of facilitating lease transfers online. If you are in the market for leasing a vehicle or exiting a vehicle lease early, Swapalease can help. Millions of buyers and sellers visit Swapalease each year to acquire, sell, and trade automobiles. The Swapalease marketplace is comprised of existing leases available for transfer by another individual, as well as new and pre-owned lease offerings. Please contact one of our automotive lease specialists today at 1-866-SWAPNOW (1-866-792-7669) and begin or end your vehicle lease.

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