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Take over a car lease

When you take over car payments to acquire a short term auto lease you do not have to put any money down. When you take over an auto lease you agree to effectively finish a lease for someone else.  If you want to take over a lease or get a short term lease Swapalease is the website for lease take overs and assumptions. Taking over a lease is an easy cost effective way to get into your dream vehicle. Assuming a lease off of Swapalease will allow you to find a vehicle that fits your driving needs.

Take over a car lease with $0 down at Swapalease, our leasing experts will find the car lease you’re looking for.

  • Many vehicles offer money back.
  • Short term car leases.
  • Find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

About Swapalease.com
Swapalease is both the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace as well as the pioneer of facilitating lease transfers online. If you are in the market for leasing a vehicle or exiting a vehicle lease early, Swapalease can help. 

Millions of buyers and sellers visit Swapalease each year to acquire, sell, and trade automobiles.  The Swapalease marketplace is comprised of existing leases available for transfer by another individual, as well as new and pre-owned lease offerings.  Most automotive lease contracts permit leases to be transferred ultimately saving consumers thousands of dollars.

Please contact one of our automotive lease specialists today at 1-866-SWAPNOW (1-866-792-7669) and begin or end your vehicle lease.