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(Cincinnati, October 25, 2010)

Contrary to what many would consider conventional wisdom in today’s economic climate, luxury cars are gaining traction in the marketplace. Tier one brands BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes have had sales increase in 2010. Automotive analysts note that this trend may be due to better lease deals

Also, a few years ago 17 million new vehicles were sold nationwide. This year projections are around 12 million. Used vehicles have been in short supply as a result of fewer new vehicles being sold. This is important because shortages drive up prices on used vehicles ultimately enhancing residual values. Higher residuals values equate to lower lease payments making leases more attractive. This is especially evident in the luxury car segment where lease penetration is much greater.

Percentage increase in luxury vehicle sales year to date 2010 in comparison to same period for 2009 (Source Automotive News October 4th, 2010):

  • Audi 19.1%
  • BMW 8.4%
  • Mercedes 18.0%
  • Jaguar 11.0%
  • Land Rover 17.5%
  • Lexus 8.0%
  • Infiniti 19.9%
  • Porsche 19.0%

Other factors have contributed to upward trends in luxury leasing, as well. Lower lease payments in relation to other financing methods mean that consumers have the ability to drive more expensive vehicles. Manufacturers have increased leasing incentives by more than $1000 in 2010 when compared to 2009 as reported by Automotive News. Luxury offerings historically are where new features and technologies are first introduced. 36 month leases permit consumers to stay on the cutting edge and remain under warranty during the life of the lease.'s EVP of Operations, Scot Hall, noted, "The upward trend we are witnessing in luxury leasing, as well as non-luxury leasing for that matter, is great news for because many will be part of our inventory in the near future."

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