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Manufacturer Leases

You may find in your travels that there is a sharp difference in some lease programs over others even though the vehicle is exactly the same. Often the reason for this difference is that one of the lessors is the finance arm of a vehicle manufacturer.

Car manufacturers own automotive finance divisions to help finance the sale of their products. Because the automotive company is making money on the sale of the vehicle itself, they can usually create better incentives than an independent leasing company who does not make any money on the actual sale of the car.

Researching manufacturer lease programs is very simple. All of the vehicle manufacturers that we have seen offer finance calculators on their Web site, usually attached to some sort of vehicle configuration tool. In addition to special leasing programs, the manufacturers may also have special rebates available only on new cars (rarely are these incentives on “used” cars, though some do occur on models that are about to replaced in a new model year).

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