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Reviewing Your Contract

OK, so you've done all your homework. You think you've found a great deal and you're excited about your vehicle. How do you know for sure you've found the best deal?

The best way to see what other people are getting is to see what other leases have already been written. Of course some of these may be bad leases to begin with, but they reflect the reality of what people are paying. Earlier we looked at "Shopping for your Car" to determine what the best capitalized cost is.

At Swapalease.com, we see thousands of in-market leases every month from every bank, dealer and vehicle available. Typically the best deals on the Web site are either situations where a customer put a lot of money down to get their payment down, traded in a vehicle that had positive equity in it, or is offering their own cash to subsidize the lease payment. Regardless of how they occurred, these still represent available leases that are on the market today. Often your best benchmark is to try to beat the lowest payment and terms on a similar vehicle.

Here are some other resources that you may use to benchmark your deal:

Be sure that you are comparing the same vehicles, terms and trim-levels to be sure you have accurate comparisons.

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